Numerous contenders for Anaham council and chief

Voters have numerous contenders to choose from for Anaham council and chief at this Friday's election.

  • Jan. 30, 2013 8:00 a.m.

Tlet’inqox-t’in (Anaham) residents go to the polls Feb. 1 to elect a chief and councillors for a two-year term.Seven people are running for chief and 56 people are running for councillor.

Polls are open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., with voting taking place a the community gym.

Present Chief Joe Alphonse, Tony Billyboy Sr., Melanie Frank-Johnny, Gerald J. Johnny, Georgina Stump, Roseanna Stump, and Stanley J. Stump Sr. have put their names forward to run as chief.

Those running for councillor are: Angela Alphonse, Billy Alphonse, Dallas Harry-Alphonse, Dorothy Alphonse, Brenda Billyboy, Grant Alphonse, Kirklund Alphonse, Brenda Billyboy, nRandy Patrick Billyboy, Tony Billyboy Sr., Donna Cooper, Eleanor Cooper, Hector Cooper, Cynthia Dick, Emily Dick, Harvey Dick, Brittany Elkins, Lawrence N. Elkins Jr., Lawrence Elkins Sr., Ronnie Elkins, Charlotte Frank, Daana Gilpin, Dave Gilpin, Blaine Grinder, Cecil Grinder, Paul Grinder, Dale Hance, Dixie Hance, Dustin Hance, Aggie Ann Harry, Isadore Harry, Nelson Harry, Rosaline Harry, Sidney D. Harry, Tillie Harry, Barry Hink, Debbie Ilnicki, Valerie Isnardy, Herbie Jim, Sadie Jim, Kimberley Johnny, Ralph Johnny, Verna Johnny, Arthur Meldrum, Cyril Pigeon, Dean Sam, Angelina Stump, Donnie Stump, Evans Stump, Fanny Stump, Jaqueline Stump, Leslie Stump, Roland Stump, Rueben Stump, Sammy Stump, Shaqille Stump, Stanley Stump Sr. and Carla Wynne.