Mount Polley Mine officials release information about mine operations

Mount Polley Mine officials released the following information on its operations today.

  • Aug. 8, 2014 6:00 p.m.

Mount Polley Mine officials report that the community meeting with Likely residents and Imperial Metals representative ran very late last night, which delayed the availability of video, posting of information and returning media calls.

Today, mine officials released the following links to information and videos from the Imperial Metals and BC Government town hall meetings as well as links to the company’s status updates and the Ministry of Environment preliminary water quality analysis results and website on the Mount Polley breach:

· Video of Imperial Metals community town hall meeting in Likely, BC August 7:


· Video of the BC Government town hall meeting in Likely, BC August 7:


· August 7 Imperial Metals Mount Polley Dam Breach Community Update: includes results of the Tailings Solids and Water Analysis, an update on the investigation into the cause and update on the work undertaken to date:


· Mount Polley Mine Tailings Impoundment Solids Analysis for 2013: (see Figure One) shows the average annual elemental analysis of the tailings solids for 2013

Figure One (link to PDF)


· Mount Polley Mine Tailings Impoundment Water Quality, August 2009 – May 2014 (see Figure Two): shows results of analysis of the water that sits above the tailings solids in the tailings impoundment. The mean, maximum and minimum levels for the entire period are shown, along with a column showing Drinking Water Quality Guidelines is included for comparison.

Figure Two (link to PDF)


The results show:

1. Arsenic, Mercury and Lead fall well below the allowable maximum levels for drinking water.

2. Sulphate exceeds drinking water quality guidelines for aesthetic purposes.

3. Mean Selenium concentration of 0.0241mg/l exceeds the limit of 0.01 mg/l for drinking water.

4. The total dissolved solids exceed limits for drinking water.

· Ministry of the Environment preliminary water quality results:


· Ministry of the Environment website on Mount Polley updates: