Staff-Sgt. Svend Nielsen, with the 100 Mile House RCMP. (Melissa Smalley - 100 Mile Free Press)

Staff-Sgt. Svend Nielsen, with the 100 Mile House RCMP. (Melissa Smalley - 100 Mile Free Press)

Man assaults 100 Mile employee over mask

Local man facing possible charges after altercation at downtown business

A South Cariboo man is facing possible assault charges following an incident at a local business this weekend.

100 Mile House RCMP were called to a business in the 200-block of Birch Avenue around 2:55 p.m. Saturday afternoon for a report of a “COVID-19 Emergency Program Act violation” and an assault on an employee, according to a release.

Witnesses report that a 37-year-old man entered the business without wearing a mask, and proceeded to pick out a pair of winter boots, throw money on the counter, and then allegedly assaulted an employee when he “aggressively pushed her out of the way, almost knocking the woman over.”

It was later determined the money the man left was not enough to cover the cost of the boots.

The man later turned himself into police to provide his account of the incident and was issued a violation ticket for “abusive and belligerent behaviour” under the Emergency Program Act.

Police informed the man he was no longer welcome in the store; assault charges will be pursued by RCMP if they are approved by Crown Counsel.

With vaccine passport regulations coming into effect today (Sept. 13), 100 Mile House RCMP are reminding the public that provincial COVID measures are still in place.

“We will take appropriate action, when deemed necessary and with discretion, with each individual complaint that comes forward regarding these matters moving forward,” Staff Sgt. Svend Nielsen said in the release. “Businesses responsible for the appropriate passport checks as per the regulations and Public Health Orders will be addressed appropriately and, when possible, with compassion/discretion moving forward, depending on circumstances. Please also keep in mind that your local police officers have many tasks within our area and, as such, criminal matters will continue to take priority over all matters that occur where a phone call or a one to one conversation with open and respectful dialogue between both parties can resolve itself.”

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