Kind-hearted road worker takes home discarded bin of pet rats at Highway 20 rest stop

Maddy McCarthy said she will find the nine pets loving homes

Maddy McCarthy with one of her rescued rats. (Photo submitted)

Maddy McCarthy with one of her rescued rats. (Photo submitted)

Dawson Road Maintenance worker Maddy McCarthy really does take her work home with her.

On Monday, while on a routine stop to clean the Highway 20 rest area near the Sheep Creek Bridge west of Williams Lake, she discovery nine pet rats cold and covered in mud over an embankment.

“I had to carefully climb down the hill because they were all over (the edge) huddled to keep warm,” said McCarthy, who posted her find and her disgust with whoever left them, on the Facebook page “Williams Lake Lost and Found Pets.”

“I don’t care what kind of animal it is … thankfully I was cleaning up around the area (and found the animals).”

McCarthy told the Tribune she first noticed a Rubbermaid container tipped over with some cat food by the garbage bins.

“I was wondering if someone had dumped kittens there, so I got worried and started looking around more and on the other side of the lot, I found the lid for the container and I was curious and looked down the hill, looking towards the river, and (saw) a bunch of rats run down the hill,” she said.

“And I couldn’t leave them behind, so I’m taking them home for the night, keeping them warm and will find (them) loving homes.”

McCarthy said the rats were wet and cold, but she has them home now and reports that they are very friendly.

She noted this isn’t the first time she has found pets dumped outside of town and, obviously, wishes people would not do that.

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