Joan Sorley

Joan Sorley

Joan Sorley

The Tribune asked candidates running in the election a few questions about themselves and their platforms.

  • Nov. 15, 2011 5:00 a.m.

The Tribune asked candidates running in the municipal, regional, and School District 27 election a few questions about themselves and their platforms.

We asked the following:

• What position are you running for?

• Why are you running for it?

• What do you see as the top three issues to address in your community?

• How do you propose to tackle them?

Candidates in the area, including those who have been acclaimed, were invited to participate for free

and were given a maximum word limit of 275 words to answer the questions above.

The following are the answers we received from participating candidates:

Joan Sorley


I decided to run for Area F director as I believe that we have a responsibility to give back to our communities when we are able, and that I have an opportunity to make a positive difference.  Area F includes at least six communities, and priorities are different for each. However, the following issues are universal and, I believe, inseparable:

1. Communication and advocacy at the board table and with all levels of government: In a continuing effort to improve communication, I’ve recently established a Facebook page and, of course, I am available by phone or e-mail.

2. Community essentials

• I will work towards improving our health professional recruitment and retention strategy, and I will continue to advocate for the upgrade of Cariboo Memorial Hospital.

• Emergency planning continues to be a priority, and we will be visiting each community in 2012 to develop these plans. I will also continue to advocate for the elimination of organized crime from our communities.

• I will continue to support responsible economic development and land-use planning, ensuring that the environment and our community values are protected, to keep families together in our communities.

3. Regional “quality of life” essentials:

• I will work together with CRD and City colleagues identifying community needs and potential partnerships to develop a plan for our recreation facilities.

• I will continue to support the Cariboo Chilcotin Arts and Culture Society, the centre and the function as we build on the success of the past year.

It has been my honour to have served the residents in Area F, and I pledge to continue to work hard on your behalf.