BC Wildfire Service personnel are on site of a blaze across from Churn Creek.

UPDATE: Firefighters respond to blaze five kilometres north of Clinton

Two other fires, in Forest Grove and Churn Creek, now under control

Firefighters are responding to a 0.10-hectare wildfire five kilometres north of Clinton.

The fire, near the Big Bar rest stop, is suspected to be human-caused but is still under investigation, according to the BC Wildfire Service.

BC Wildfire has deployed 11 personnel and one water tender to the site. The fire is predominantly a grass fuel type.

Meanwhile, the BC Wildfire Service said eight personnel today remain onsite at the 25-hectare Forest Grove fire, which is deemed to be under control. Ground crews have completed a 50-foot wet line around the perimeter of the fire, while personnel is now patrolling the fire, which entails looking for any smoke or hot spots and extinguishing them.

The Churn Creek wildfire is also under control, with 27 BC Wildfire personnel on site, supported by one water tender and one helicopter. Ground crews are working to mop up and patrol the wildfire.

More to come.

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