CRD endorses idle-free education program

The Cariboo Regional District is forwarding two resolutions to the the North Central Local Government Association in May.

Restored phone service to areas beyond cell phone range and the need for more idle-free awareness are covered in the two resolutions the Cariboo Regional District is forwarding the North Central Local Government Association in 2014.

“When telephones are down because of power outages, people are often told to use their cell phones, but people living in remote areas don’t have access to cell services,” CRD chair Al Richmond said.

Consideration needs to be given by Telus to people living in outside areas.

Areas that are unserviced don’t have access to 911 or fire protection if phones are down.

“This is not an effort to put more rules and regulations in place,” CRD chair Al Richmond said of the idle-free awareness.

Instead it’s about encouraging people to turn off their vehicles when they are idling for long periods of time.

It’s difficult when it’s -40 C, because drivers want to keep warm, and people aren’t going to shut down vehicles every time they are at a stop light, but there are signs outside buildings asking people to be idle free, Richmond explained.

“The resolution’s asking for people to be educated about the health risks.”

If approved, the resolutions will be considered at the NCLGA conference taking place May 7 – 9 in Fort St. John.