CRD and coast officials meet with Anahim Lake residents on wildfire alert

CRD and coast officials meet with Anahim Lake residents on wildfire alert

Anahim Lake residents updated on Precipice fire activity

  • Aug. 6, 2017 8:00 p.m.

With continued smoky conditions and the recent Evacuation Alert being issued for Anahim Lake, a community wide meeting was held at the Anahim Lake School Saturday, Aug. 5.

A report on the meeting continues here from the Coastal Fire Centre, Coastal Wildfire Bulletin.

Chief Betty Cahoose of the Ulkatcho First Nation, Cariboo Regional District Chair Al Richmond, Anahim, Bella Coola RCMP and Coastal Fire Centre representatives of BC Wildfire Service were all in attendance to discuss the current status of the Precipice Fire and the associated Evacuation Alert.

A question and answer session followed the update portion of the meeting with a lot of interest being generated as to why the alert was necessary.

Discussions were frank and open and described the recent run the fire had taken three days ago and the slow and steady advance the fire was currently taking.

Residents were reminded that the alert period provided an opportunity to prepare.

Smoky conditions persist today, Sunday, Aug. 6 and may impact flight operations.

Water bucketing on hot-spots will begin as soon as conditions permit.

When access is available to the fire site, heavy equipment will continue to work on containment lines and ground crews will continue constructing hand guards and suppressing hot spots near the Precipice homestead structures.

BC Wildfire Service has been working with the Ulkatcho First Nations, and have been in contact with Chief Betty Cahoose to identify and protect First Nations heritage sites.

Structural Protection Units (SPUs)

Structural Protection Units that have been working on the Precipice plateau will now be present in the Anahim area. SPU crews will be assessing properties to determine where structures may be at risk.

Of note, the SPU crews on the Precipice Fire are paid volunteers from the Comox Fire Department. These folks have been working tirelessly to protect the homesteads and heritage sites on the Precipice Fire, and now they will be extending their expertise into Anahim. We hope you welcome these dedicated fire fighters.

Weather conditions are relatively stagnant with very light outflow winds.

Today is expected to be hot and dry with with a chance of isolated afternoon or early evening thunderstorms. Very light outflow conditions are expected tonight.