Bill Carruthers

Bill Carruthers

Carruthers runs for Area E director

Bill Carruthers has thrown his hat into the CRD Area E election ring.

Bill Carruthers hasn’t run for a director position at the Cariboo Regional District before but says encouragement from others and the thought that nobody else would throw their hat into the ring motivated him to file his papers for director of Area E.

It turns out there are four candidates running for director in Area E South Lakeside/Dog Creek.

There are two main issues Carruthers sees as key in the area. The first being the water and sewer system in the Mount View/Dog Creek area that is resulting in the contamination of some water systems.

“I would consider that a priority,” he says. Carruthers says the regional district should take the lead in arranging for financing through infrastructure grants or otherwise, to improve sewer and water facilities in the area.

The other issue is the swimming pool that is owned by the regional district and operated by the City.

“It’s the CRD’s responsibility to take the lead on that,” he says. “I think we’ll have to keep moving forward on it.”

Carruthers says the CRD needs to start planning for the future of the pool facility as bringing plans to fruition can take time.

In addition, he says there should be time spent investigating the possibility of accessing infrastructure grants for the pool from senior levels of government.

Carruthers says he’s impressed with the fiscal position of the regional district.

He adds no tax increases would be ideal but not reality and thinks it would be positive if the CRD could keep tax increases at the rate of inflation.