Cariboo-Prince George candidates await tonight’s election results

This morning the Tribune asked the candidates in our riding how they were spending the day and how they were feeling as the day unfolds.

This morning the Tribune asked the candidates in Cariboo-Prince George how they are spending election day and how they are feeling as the day unfolds.

Here are their answers verbatim, listed in the order they were received.

Richard Jaques, Green

I’m spending the day and evening with my wife Sherri and my kids Kalib and Ciara.

I’m feeling positive that I gave Williams Lake a real choice beyond partisan politics.

Tracy Calogheros, Liberal

I have been fielding calls from voters who need rides to the polls, drinking tea and most importantly, I am going to VOTE! I am with my family (my parents flew in from southern Ontario and my sister in law came in from Calgary) and am about to head over to the campaign office to be with my incredible team of volunteers.

I am nervous today. I have learned so much about our riding, met so many people with an incredible array of great ideas about how to make our region better and I want the chance to help implement those ideas.

This has been such a great discussion for our region. We have explored new ideas and talked about our future in ways I haven’t heard here before. I keep telling myself that no matter what happens today, we are a stronger community than we were before this marathon election. We have shared our perspectives and learned from each other. When it comes down to it though, I really want this job. I love this place and I’m excited to get to work.

Gordon Campbell, Apolitical

I am alone here in Williams Lake with no technology to know what’s going on.

I woke up with very mixed feelings as an apolitical candidate, but am anticipating a majority landslide for the non-voters who are the people I represent.

Trent Derrick, NDP

I am meeting with my volunteers throughout the day and doing any little thing that is needed to be done on E-day.

‎I’m excited to be part of the democratic process, no matter how the election unfolds I know that my team had done everything that we could do to run a successful campaign.

The moments that I have time to reflect, I am truly humbled by all the volunteers and all the work that they have done.

This election is not about me but it is about being the voice of so many in my riding.

Sheldon Clare, Independent

I am spending the day catching up on some house work and running errands.

I have parent-teacher‎ meetings to attend with my daughters, and I will be socializing at my campaign office with supporters this evening.

I am feeling very pleased as, regardless of the outcome, ‎my campaign has brought national attention to this riding, and it can no longer be considered a safe seat.

We ran a great campaign on a low budget and obtained a lot of earned media.

Hopefully people voted for who they wanted rather than against what they feared.

Todd Doherty, Conservative

I was in Williams Lake saying thank you to our volunteers. Now on our way back to Quesnel and Vanderhoof then home to say thanks to our Prince George team.

Our family is very thankful for the year of great experiences we’ve had.

As the day unfolds, we are together as a family and saying thanks to all those who helped us get to this point!

Adam DeKroon, Christian Heritage Party

I actually just got back from casting my ballot. I’m spending the day at home in Quesnel with friends and family. In the evening I’ll likely be meeting with a few fellow candidates in Prince George to watch the results come in.

I feel quite good about it. I ran a strong campaign and did all I could do with resources I had, I can’t have any regrets about that. It’s definitely an interesting and important election and it really could go any way, I’m very interested in seeing how it plays out.