Campfire. (Phil McLachlan - Black Press Media - File)

Campfire. (Phil McLachlan - Black Press Media - File)

Cariboo Fire Centre responds to concerns over rescinding of campfire prohibition

A campfire is any fire smaller than 0.5 metres wide by 0.5 metres high

Complaints from the public prompted the Cariboo Fire Centre to issue a press release stating it is aware of public concern regarding the rescinding of the campfire prohibition, which will be in effect at 12 p.m. on Aug. 27, 2021.

“The decision to implement or rescind a fire prohibition is not made lightly and multiple factors are taken into consideration,” noted a news release issued Thursday, Aug. 26.

On Wednesday, Aug. 25 the CFC issued notice that the campfire ban would be lifted. The news was met with much opposition on the Tribune’s Facebook page, with readers voicing concern that it was too soon to lift the ban.

In its latest notice to the public, the CFC noted any of the active wildfires within the Cariboo Fire Centre are now classified as “being held” or “under control” and are exhibiting significantly reduced fire activity.

The CFC added that resources from other regions of the province are assisting with suppression efforts which allows local firefighters to be readily available for initial attack in the event of a new fire start. Given the current and forecast conditions, any new fire start is not expected to be beyond initial attack capabilities. This trend is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

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“There has been consistent precipitation received throughout the Cariboo region and these weather patterns are expected to continue. As days become shorter, and cooler temperatures are experienced overnight, the burning window for any wildfire continues to shorten, leading to decreased fire behaviour and lower potential rate of spread.”

The CFC noted a campfire is any fire smaller than 0.5 metres wide by 0.5 metres high. Any person lighting any fire is reminded to continue to exercise caution and must have ready access to eight liters of water, or a firefighting hand tool. A campfire must be completely extinguished and cool to the touch before leaving the area for any length of time and must have a fire guard around it. For more information on open fire regulations please visit:

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