Dustin Price

Dustin Price

Cariboo-Chilcotin: Dustin Price, Green Party candidate platform

Dustin Price is the Green Party candidate for the Cariboo-Chilcotin. He submitted this information to the Tribune as his running platform.

  • May. 3, 2013 8:00 a.m.



My name is Dustin Price and I am proud to be running for the BC Green Party while representing a region that I have put down strong roots and have developed some truly amazing relationships. I believe the Green Party policies and ideals represent the thoughts and views of many in my area. While reading the policies like community sustainability, grassroots involvement, and political responsibility, I knew the BC Greens were for me.

The need for sustainability is very real today and the time is now for people to accept that we need to transition the way we operate.

The BC Green and community led future will be brighter than we could ever imagine with innovation and all inclusive governance leading the way.

New economies will rise and your voices will be heard when it comes to making important decisions that affect you.

We cannot rely on selling our natural resources forever and we must diversify our economy with sustainable industries that will create jobs with the community’s best interest in mind.

We all have a responsibility to future generations; let’s give them the tools to be successful and include them in shaping their own future.

If I could outline two major points as to why I am running and what separates the BC Green Party from the other parties, it would be a new type of governance and our focus on innovation to create jobs. First, the new type of governance defined by the BC Green Party is commitment to adhere to a committee, community based, decision making process.

I want to, and the BC Green Party wants to, include everybody in communities and regions in defining the path and decisions that are made right outside their doors.

Secondly, the BC Greens are focused on diversifying local economies to strengthen the fabric in which they operate. We will focus on small businesses, and we will dedicate one percent of the PST to community initiatives.

The BC Green Party recently released its Forestry Action Plan where we focus on maintaining the forest industry through a value added approach. I don’t think that we can keep shipping our raw logs away to be processed while ignoring the other jobs associated with forestry and wood products.

The BC Greens stand to keep the forestry jobs, processing jobs, and manufacturing jobs local while keeping money in the region.

Jobs need to stay in local communities where people can maintain dignity and respect to raise a family and flourish in the region in which they call home.

I believe that the Green Party stands for these important principles and has the forward thinking we need in government. This is why I am the Green Party representative running for MLA in the Cariboo-Chilcolton Region, a place I grew up and a region that I truly love.