Carbon tax increases today

For some, Canada Day may not be a day to celebrate.

  • Jul. 1, 2011 6:00 p.m.

For some, Canada Day may not be a day to celebrate.

Today B.C.’s carbon tax is scheduled to increase by 1.11 cents per litre to 5.56 cents per litre.

Other fuels will see a similar increase.

Corresponding with the tax increase is an increase in the Low Income Climate Action Tax Credit for low-income families and individuals.

The carbon tax puts a price on emissions to encourage citizens to reduce their use of fossil fuels and promote more environmentally responsible choices.

“The carbon tax is an incentive for all British Columbians to do their part to prevent climate change by reducing fossil fuel use and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, shop locally for produce, purchase eco-friendly upgrades for your home or ride your bike to work, your decisions can make a big difference to reduce the use of fossil fuels,” said Finance Minister and Deputy Premier Kevin Falcon.