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Bomb threat at Williams Lake courthouse a hoax

The bomb threat at Williams Lake courthouse Tuesday morning proven to be a hoax.
Staff Sgt. Dave Olson from the BC Sheriff Service

The Williams Lake RCMP's investigation into a bomb threat at the Williams Lake courthouse Tuesday proved the threat was a hoax.

Police say that at around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning the RCMP responded to the threat of a possible explosive device at the courthouse, resulting in a lock down of the building that lasted until early afternoon.

Members of the RCMP assisted the BC Sheriffs Services in ensuring the safety of all employees within the courthouse, including employees for various government agencies, and escorted clients from within the building.

With the assistance of Police Dog Services out of Prince George, the courthouse was cleared and the threat was determined to be a hoax.

The RCMP's investigation into the source of this threat is continuing. As it was necessary to ensure the safety of everyone, precautions were taken, hence the reason the courthouse was evacuated and locked down, police say.