B.C. government beefs up livestock fencing program

The Province will spend $4 million to expand livestock fencing in partnership with the BC Cattleman’s Association.

  • Jun. 29, 2015 7:00 a.m.

The Province will spend $4 million to expand livestock fencing in partnership with the BC Cattleman’s Association, announced Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone.

This is part of B.C. on the Move, the Government of B.C.’s new 10-year transportation plan.

This investment will extend the existing Provincial Livestock Fencing Program through to the end of 2017 with $2 million in 2016 and $2 million in 2017.

The B.C. government officially launched the fencing program in 2010. This new investment is expected to help build an additional 250 kilometres of fencing in B.C.

“The B.C. government is happy to continue its partnership with the BC Cattlemen’s Association to deliver this program with benefits to drivers and the ranching community,” said Stone. “This fencing program is keeping cattle and other livestock off our highways, improving safety for all motorists. This funding announcement also demonstrates the Province’s commitment to the continued viability of the ranching and farming industries throughout B.C.”

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett said the fencing program is valuable to ranchers and farmers, by keeping their livestock safe and contained, and it also helps prevent crashes, boosting safety for motorists travelling through the countryside.

The BC Cattlemen’s Association will continue to administer the program, by taking applications from livestock owners who are seeking assistance to build fences adjacent to the highway.

Projects are selected based on several factors including current fence condition, livestock headcount and the highway designation.

“BC Cattlemen’s Association commends the B.C. government in their continued commitment to protect motorists from livestock that inadvertently make their way onto the highway due to deteriorating fences,” said BC Cattlemen’s Association general manager Kevin Boon.

“This investment is a benefit to ranchers and livestock producers and will help to keep the public safe as they travel our highways.”

B.C. on the Move is government’s 10-year plan for the improvement of the province’s transportation network. Actions prioritized in B.C. on the Move will enhance safety, grow the economy, maintain and replace aging infrastructure and support trade for B.C.’s expanding resource sectors through Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway. Over the next three years, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will invest up to $2.5 billion to improve B.C.’s transportation network.