B.C. egg marketing board opens up producer opportunities

BC Egg Marketing Board announces terms of the 2015 New Producer Program that will provide the opportunity for up to four new producers.

  • Mar. 13, 2015 1:00 p.m.

The BC Egg Marketing Board has announced the terms of the 2015 New Producer Program that will provide the opportunity for up to four new producers to receive allocations of 3,000 units of layer quota.

“The New Producer Program is important to the sustainability and renewal of the regulated egg industry in B.C..” said board chair Brad Bond in a press release issued Friday.  “Based on a recently completed review of the program, the board has sharpened the focus of the program to encourage innovation and regional economic growth,”

The program, Bond said, will involve a more substantive review process.

“The board recognizes that 3,000 units of layer quota provides an entry into the egg supply management system.”

The board is looking for applicants who can clearly demonstrate their understanding of the egg industry and present a comprehensive plan for a sustainable and economically viable egg farm operation, Bond added.

The 2015 New Producer Program will give preference to applicants from Vancouver Island and the Interior Region.

As well, permit holders under the Small Lot Program outside the Lower Mainland will be given priority access.

The 2015 program will seek applicants interested in enriched housing systems or becoming a producer-vendor.

“The challenge, given the infrastructure concentrated in the Fraser Valley is how to encourage production in regions outside of the Fraser Valley” said Jennifer Woike, a board member from Vancouver Island. “The market for specialty products continues to grow and the egg industry in BC needs to respond, the New Producer Program provides one mechanism to address the demand.”

According to Al Sakalauskas, executive director, the program will require applicants to demonstrate plans for growth and their ability to finance the acquisition of additional quota to achieve a viable and economically sustainable egg production unit.

The deadline for application is 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

New Producer Program Rules and application forms are available on the BC Egg website: www.bcegg.com or the board office through email: bcemb@bcegg.com; phone: 604-556-3348 or fax: 604-556-3410.