Alkali Lake chief seeks funding for cultural ceremony and heritage day

Williams Lake City Council has agreed to help Esk'etemc Chief Fred Robbins' community write a proposal to apply for federal funding.

After hearing from Esk’etemc (Alkali Lake) Chief Fred Robbins, Williams Lake city council has agreed to help his community write a proposal to apply for federal funding.

The funding would help his community, along with non-natives, address the residential school experience, promote healing and reconciliation amongst youth and inter-generational survivors, and work to promote better understanding and create partnerships.

At the regular council meeting Tuesday Robbins explained the federal funds, available from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, would go toward a cross cultural ceremony and a heritage day.

“As you all know some people out at Alkali know how to fiddle, how to play the bagpipes, how to play the flute, but I think a cross-cultural ceremony is vital to our relationship. All relationships should begin with a ceremony,” Robbins said.

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