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Poilievre ‘does not agree’ with ‘straight pride’ message in Stampede photo

Conservative leader photographed with ‘hundreds of people’ during annual Calgary bash

A spokesman for Pierre Poilievre says the federal Conservative leader does not agree with the message of “straight pride,” after he was photographed with a man wearing a T-shirt bearing those words.

Sebastian Skamski says Poilievre had been posing with “hundreds of people” at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday when he was photographed with an individual “without reading what was written on his shirt.”

The bright green T-shirt featured the symbols for men and women that are often posted to the doors of public restrooms.

It says “Thank a straight person today for your existence,” in black capital letters, with “straight pride” written at the bottom.

Skamski says that “Poilievre does not agree with the message displayed on the T-shirt,” adding that Conservatives are working to build a country where everyone is free to be themselves, “regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Poilievre and other political leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, kept up the tradition of joining pancake breakfasts and other public events at Stampede over the weekend.

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