Q&A: CRD Area J (West Chilcotin) Doug Wickenheiser


Doug Wickenheiser is running for CRD Area J director. Photo submitted

Doug Wickenheiser is running for CRD Area J director. Photo submitted

Doug Wickenheiser is running for Cariboo Regional District Area J director, a post he has held in the past for two terms. He is a director on the West Chilcotin Gun Club, volunteer with the Anahim Lake Community Association and a past member of Anahim Lake Search and Rescue.

What do you think are the top issues for your CRD area?

The top issues I feel are economy, tourism, solid waste management and bylaws. We need to find ways for people to be able to find work, and want to stay living in the area, and possibly start businesses to entice tourists to the area.

Why do you want to be a CRD director?

To bring better communication between all the people in the area and the different levels of government. To help deal with different issues that can arise in the area. To represent all the people and the communities in Area J.

What previous experience do you bring to the table?

I served two terms as CRD director of Area “J” in the past.

What would you do to attract and retain doctors in the Cariboo Regional District?

I would have to meet with each community to find out their needs, and with Interior Health officials to discuss the funding available . Then a plan can be made with the communities, the CRD, and Interior Health to attract and retain doctors for areas needed.

What are your ideas to keep rural communities thriving with strong economies?

Each community would have to meet to decide their needs to build a stronger economy. Then a plan can be put in place to access grants and funds for people to be able to start a business and be able to hire employees and build the economy in their communities.

What role does the Cariboo Regional District play in relationship to all other levels of government, including First Nations governments, federal, provincial and municipal government?

Through property taxes, emergency services, solid waste management, economic development.

How has your area moved forward since the 2017 wildfires?

We have moved forward with people being able to return to their jobs, businesses and rebuilding where needed. Looking at ways to prevent wildfires in the area.