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Meet the candidate: CRD Area E (South Lakeside/Dog Creek) Melynda Neufeld


Melynda Neufeld was an alternate Area E director for eight years and director for three months. She is a director on the B.C. Barrel Racing Association and grew up at Chimney Lake.

What do you think are the top issues for your CRD area?

Top issues are:

-safety during forest fires/forest fire prevention

-waste management in the Esler/Dog Creek area

-Yard maintenance for all residents

-more accessible walking/biking paths in the Russet Bluff and Esler areas

-continuing with the access road from hwy 20 to the Esler ball park

Why do you want to be a CRD director?

- to make the voices heard from the people who work and work here who are an integral part of our community.

-to carry on with the services such as the Road into the Esler ball park from Highway 20 and improve waste management in the entire Area E that my predecessor Byron Kemp had started.

-It’s in my blood

What previous experience do you bring to the table?

-I was an alternate director for 8 years in Area E and in August 2017 I took over from Director Kemp (when he fell ill) When he passed away in Jan 2018 I held his position until April’s By-election.

What would you do to attract and retain doctors in the Cariboo Regional District?

-I will continue working with the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District promoting forward thinking and career opportunities for much needed doctors as well as continue to make Williams Lake and the Cariboo Regional District a welcoming and safe place for the Health Care professionals to come to.

What are your ideas to keep rural communities thriving with strong economies?

-I will continue to promote forestry, Sustainable ranching/farming and mining that in turn will keep communities thriving in Area E.

What role does the CRD play in relationship to all other levels of government, including first nations governments, federal, provincial and municipal government?

-I feel that the CRD is continually building strong relationships with all levels of government working on partnerships and economic strengths.

How has your area moved forward since the 2017 wildfires?

-Area E has moved forward by building large firebreaks, by thinning trees along the powerline and working on yard cleanup to fire smart properties.