Heat Space Reviews – Will HeatSpace Portable Heater Work for You or Scam?

You can’t argue that a central heating system is inefficient, but are they necessary when its cost is so high? For most people, the answer is simply no. Most people own very large houses, yet they still use a standard heating system designed because that is considered the norm.

Now, a new device called Heat Space is here to warm you on the coldest winter days without bankrupting you. If you want to know more about this brand-new portable heater, read our review.

What Is Heat Space?

Heat Space is a convenient and effective option for people who want to add warmth to a room using a portable heater. While it’s relatively small, this is still a powerful gadget, capable of heating a 350-square-foot room within minutes of taking it out of the box and without any effort.

This model is a perfect fit for people with small houses, alone or with their partners. A single unit will suffice as long as you usually don’t need over one or two rooms warm during the day. However, people who want to be sure that they can heat up to three rooms should consider getting two or three units at the online store.

The Heat Space Main Features

Now, check some of the most essential features that this unique portable heater has:

  • It can quickly heat up a room of 350 square feet or less.
  • The product is very compact, which makes it easy to transport across your house.
  • According to the manufacturer, it has a potency of 650-1200W.
  • It has safety measures that prevent the device from overheating and causing damage to your home. No need to install it. Just plug and use it instantly as soon as it’s out of the box.
  • Reasonably easy to use, and even your grandmother can use it without feeling lost.

How Heat Space Works

If you are interested in using the personal heater, you’ll be glad to know how simple it is to operate. After you take the device out of the box and check it, you can plug it into the wall and begin to use it, and no other preparation is needed before you can start enjoying its warmth.

After that, you can adjust the temperature to your liking. If you want, it’s also possible to set up the built-in timer, so you don’t need to manually deactivate the device when you no longer need to use it.

Another significant advantage of Heat Space when compared with similar models is that it was built to be fairly safe. Each device has built-in protection that turns off when it hits 122F three times. This can prevent fires or damage to your furniture if the heater gets damaged.

Heat Space Advantages & Disadvantages

Be sure to read the main perks and issues with Heat Space before you decide whether or not to get it:


  • It may increase the temperature of an entire 350sq. foot room within a few minutes.
  • It’s considerably less expensive than using central heating or other heat sources.
  • Uses durable parts and materials.
  • It comes with a few safeguards to protect you and your children in case of failure.
  • It was hailed as one of the best alternatives to save money during winter.
  • It only heats rooms that are occupied instead of heating an entire home
  • It’s not noisy.


Families with several members will not have all of their needs satisfied if they purchase a single Heat Space unit.


Heat Space Official Pricing

Not only is Heat Space a reasonably good alternative, but it’s also quite inexpensive. By visiting the official web store, you can purchase it for $49.95 or less. The overall price per unit will diminish by buying in bulk. Check out the pricing options here:

  • One heater for $49.95.
  • Two heaters for $47.45 each.
  • Three heaters for $44.95 each.
  • Four heaters for $42.46 each.
  • Five heaters for $39.96 each.

You can also choose from two separate add-ons for the product, a three-year warranty, which is one for $13.99, and a remote control for $17.97.

The Heat Space company offers its customers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Customers can reach out with product questions and refund information call:

  • Phone: +1-855-206-1630

Only US residents can buy this; the product takes around a week to reach your home.


Heat Space will help you to be comfy and warm during the winter without spending too much money. This device will cater to most of your needs and give you a pretty good experience even during harsh winter days.

When you compare it to other portable heaters, you’ll notice how it has many unique perks, including high durability, compactness, and ease of use by anyone. Don’t lose your chance to get the Heat Space portable heater before winter.


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