A message from local family doctor, Dr. Doug Neufeld

A message from local family doctor, Dr. Doug Neufeld

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Patients: Seek the Care You Need

Due to the onset of COVID-19, doctors in Williams Lake have made changes to the way we see our patients, but we are still able to provide care and want to ensure that our patients are receiving the care they need. We know we asked you to stay home, and you did.

Thank you for taking this request seriously—we truly believe it has added to the reason we have not seen a spike in COVID-19 cases. In saying this, we are now seeing that people are not following-up with essential medical appointments and are often waiting too long to seek treatment. For this matter, we would like to encourage our patients to seek medical treatment with us, your family doctors, for both new and chronic conditions. Please do not let fear around COVID-19 prevent you from receiving the medical care you need.

While clinics may appear closed, and phone lines may be busy, we are here and prepared to see patients, either virtually or in person.

We know people may have concerns about physically attending appointments during this difficult time, but we want to emphasize how important it is for people to make sure they are receiving ongoing care from their family doctor. And for you to know that clinics and facilities are taking every step possible to ensure the physical surroundings in our offices are safe and prepared, allowing for social distancing, and providing adequate personal protective equipment for your appointments. Your doctor’s offices are offering appointments by telephone, video, and when necessary, face to face.

Through virtual care, we can ensure our patients are able to access the care they need for a broad variety of conditions, and if necessary, to prescribe medication. Other appointments may need to be done in person and we will assess that with you when you book an appointment. Booking an appointment is done in the same way as always, by calling your doctor’s office. Our staff will work with you to set up the most appropriate format for your appointment.

It is important that you continue to address your medical issues with your family doctor, now and always, especially if you have a chronic condition. Receiving care from the doctor who knows you best, and who is familiar with your medical history ensures a comprehensive assessment and treatment for your health needs.


Dr. Doug Neufeld, Family Doctor

and Chair of the Central Interior Division of Family Practice