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LETTER: Act responsibly, respect the rights of fellow citizens

‘I think the problem involves what a “right” is,’ writes Stu Westie


Recent protests regarding responses to COVID-19 regulations and vaccinations have me confused and alarmed. It’s hard for me to realize people are really acting like this.

I think the problem involves what a “right” is. Some people seem to think a right is anything they want it to be. It is not. Just as you don’t have the right to shoot people, you don’t have the right to drive on the left side of the road, and you don’t have the right to go around spreading COVID virus with the potential to sicken, permanently disable, or kill people. It’s just not a right you have.

Along with rights, we also have responsibilities. If you plan to isolate yourself from society, you don’t need to wear a mask, socially distance or get vaccinated. But if you want to be in the presence of other people, you must act responsibly. While these “protesters” are busy defending rights they do not have, they are neglecting responsibilities they do have. Act responsibly and respect your fellow citizens.

Responsibly yours,

Stuart Westie

Williams Lake

Williams Lake