Federal Election: Q&A Tracy Calogheros

Federal Election: Q&A Tracy Calogheros

The third in our series of questions to the candidates

Candidates were asked two questions by Black Press for this week’s federal election coverage and given 300 words or less to share their responses. Currently there are six candidates running for the Cariboo-Prince George Riding.

1. What is your position on President Donald Trump and Canada’s current relationship with the United States?

The trade relationship between the US and Canada is one of the largest in the world.

Our negotiations with the US protected more than $2 billion per day in cross-border trade and tariff-free access for more than 70% of Canadian exports. We stood firm in our negotiations responding to illegal US steel and aluminum tariffs, with our retaliatory stance resulting in a full lift of all US tariffs.

International relationships are always a combination of trade and diplomacy. Canada’s ability to negotiate our trade relationship with the United States over the past four years has been exemplary.

I am, however, disappointed in the rhetoric that comes out of the US political arena and worry that it is a trend of behaviour in Canadian politics. My position has always been to raise the level of conversation beyond the hyper-partisanship we see in more public avenues of debate.

2. How would you as an MP approach the relationship between Canada and Indigenous governments?

For over two decades I have had the privilege of working closely with local First Nations, building relationships that are grounded in mutual respect and trust. This approach, rooted in honesty and humility, that I learned from the Elders, is the approach that we must embrace as the foundation of our Nation to Nation relationships with Indigenous leadership.


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