Heather Sapergia - NDP

Heather Sapergia - NDP

Federal Election 2019: Part three Q&A with the NDP’s Heather Sapergia

Sapergia responds to questions on climate change and challenges facing resource industries

Candidates were asked two questions by Black Press for this week’s federal election coverage. The first: What is your position on climate change? And the second: What do you think the answer is to the challenges facing the resource industries? Candidates were given 300 words or less to share their responses. Currently, six candidates are in the running for the Cariboo-Prince George riding.

What is your position on climate change?

Climate change is real. An NDP government will declare a climate emergency and put in place science-based greenhouse gas reductions targets. The federal government can model change by becoming a trail-blazer in energy efficiency, clean technologies and renewable energy use. An NDP government will ensure that federal buildings use renewable energy and move the federal government vehicle fleets to electric by 2025, using made-in-Canada wherever possible.

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What do you think the answer is to the challenge facing the resource industries?

Much of the economy in north and central B.C. revolves around natural resource industries and most are non-renewable. We need to protect Canadian jobs but at the same time, move away from subsidizing oil and gas extraction. We need to increase the replanting rate for trees and this needs to be mixed replanting, not mono cultures. We need to make sea food harvesting levels based on thorough research so that we continue to have healthy populations and protect our oceans. We need trade agreements that protect Canadian agricultural products and support our farmers and ranchers. The NDP has a clear plan to transition laid-off workers into new sustainable jobs and keep them and their families in their communities.

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