Todd Doherty

Todd Doherty

Federal Election 2019: Part three Q&A with Conservatives’ Todd Doherty

Doherty tackles climate change and challenges facing resource industries

Candidates were asked two questions by Black Press for this week’s federal election coverage. The first: What is your position on climate change? And the second: What do you think the answer is to the challenges facing the resource industries? Candidates were given 300 words or less to share their responses. Currently, six candidates are in the running for the Cariboo-Prince George riding.

What is your position on climate change?

Conservatives have a proud legacy when it comes to protecting Canada’s natural environment and improving Canada’s environmental performance. Our plan – A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment – builds on this proud legacy. Our party has put together the most comprehensive environmental platform ever. New policies will further lower Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen environmental protections, without taking money out of Canadians’ pockets. It is built on three policy principles. Green technology, not taxes, a cleaner and greener natural environment, and taking our fight against climate change globally. Under this plan, it will not be free to pollute and there will be no sweetheart deals for anybody who does.

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What do you think the answer is to the challenges facing the resource industries?

Our energy sector and the people working in it have faced tough times under this Liberal government. Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, we had three private companies willing to invest more than $30 billion to build three, nation-building projects that would have created tens of thousands of jobs and generated billions in economic activity. Justin Trudeau’s flawed regulatory processes have sent a strong signal to international investors that Canada is not open for business. In the last 2 years, Canada has watched over $1B in potential investments leave the country. That’s why the Conservatives have come up with a six-point action plan that will strike down barriers, and get pipelines and resource based projects built:

Cancel the carbon tax

Repeal Bill C-69, the No-More-Pipelines Bill

End the B.C. shipping ban

Establish timelines for approvals

Eliminate foreign interference in the approvals process

Invoke federal jurisdiction when necessary

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