Federal Election 2019 Cariboo Prince George: Jing Lan Yang People’s Party of Canada

Federal Election 2019 Cariboo Prince George: Jing Lan Yang People’s Party of Canada

Jing Lan Yang immigrated to Canada from China 17 years ago

Candidates were asked by Black Press to write an introduction about themselves in 250 words or less. In the weeks to come we will ask the candidates two questions per week leading up to voting day on Oct. 21. Currently five candidates are in the running for the Cariboo-Prince George riding, however, the deadline for candidates to enter the race is Sept. 30. Any candidate who exceeded the 250 word limit had their introduction edited for length. Candidates are displayed in alphabetical order by last name.

Jing Lan Yang (People’s Party of Canada)

I am an immigrant from China who landed in B.C. 17 years ago. I’ve worked a colourful career path as a teacher, my first job after graduating from Shanghai Fudan University, as an editor, and business development executive at building material and logistics companies.

Life here was not always easy. I started from Superstore, 7-11, call centre, … but I managed to get to higher level with local companies. Those jobs helped me provide food on the table and roof over our heads, they also helped me localize, or integrate, which is more important to me.

I have two awesome sons who have always been my true motivation; they have been my tough grammar police, for which I will forever be grateful to them. I might have taken the role of mother too seriously. But I am not an Asian Tiger Mom!

I benefitted greatly from my language skills. I had the opportunities to interpret at meetings and events for business leaders and government officials. I learned a lot from them as I gained different perspectives on issues, whether it was about business projects or current affairs.

I am truly one of the blessed people on earth. My life has been challenging, yet still enjoyable with the trails and parks that are forever open and free, with kids’ exciting games and tournaments and fantastic school concerts, and most importantly, with my friends. Seventeen years here has made me a proud Canadian patriot who sings and does “stand on guard for thee!”

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