Michelle Erlandson directs Quintet Plus in Sunday’s 11th annual Parade of Choirs. (Greg Sabatino photo)

VIDEO: 11th annual Parade of Choirs raises $3,600

Three choirs perform at Parade of Choirs — a fundraiser for Hough Memorial Cancer Society

Guests’ eardrums at the Cariboo Bethel Church Sunday were marching away to a Parade of Choirs.

The 11th annual showcase of local and regional choirs, the event is a fundraiser for the Hough Memorial Cancer Society which aims to raise funds to purchase cancer detection equipment for the Cariboo Memorial Hospital.

This year, Williams Lake’s Cariboo Men’s Choir and Quintet Plus, along with 100 Mile House’s Eclectica, performed an assortment of selections ranging from Elvis Presley and Simon and Garfunkel, to Hebrew hymns and Welsh folk songs.

WATCH: Cariboo Men’s Choir performs Can’t Help Falling in Love/Quintet Plus sings The Lion Sleeps Tonight

“We’ve raised more than $25,000 from just this Parade of Choirs,” said Mary Telford with the Hough Memorial Cancer Society. “And I’m pleased to say we raised $3,600 today and it will go to a great cause.”

All of the money raised from the annual Parade of Choirs stays in Williams Lake, she said, and thanked the choirs for being a part of such a great fundraiser for the community.

PHOTOS: Cariboo Men’s Choir, Eclectica and Quintet Plus treat audience at Parade of Choirs

“Our goal is to upgrade cancer equipment at the hospital to the digital era,” she said. “And we all know it’s very expensive. Every bit of your money helps us.”

Cariboo Men’s Choir director Carl Johnson, meanwhile, said next year Parade of Choir organizers will be looking north and south of Williams Lake for more groups to join in the singing.

“We’re looking beyond the Cariboo,” he said.

This year’s Parade of Choirs wrapped up with all three choirs performing We Rise Again together to a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance.


VIDEO: 11th annual Parade of Choirs raises $3,600

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