Ken McCoy Band

Ken McCoy Band

Ken McCoy and Savage West bands rock Stampede

The Ken McCoy Band will be in the Canadian Tire Concert Stage in the Let ‘R Buck Saloon behind the Stampede Grandstand.

The Ken McCoy Band will be in the Canadian Tire Concert Stage in the Let ‘R Buck Saloon behind the Stampede Grandstand, Friday, June 26, Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28.

Ken and the boys have been delivering hard driving, good old fun music for years. From classic rock to country to blues and rockabilly and, of course, original tunes!

No matter what style it is, it is delivered with style and energy.

It’s always been about the music and connecting with the fans.

Whether playing in front of 20,000 people at a concert or a small acoustic show Ken and the band give it their all. As well as performer and entertainer Ken is also an award winning song writer and recording artist receiving airplay in countries around the world.

An awarding-winning band backing him and a desire to perform.

The Rob Rowan and Savage West band will also be driving home dancing music in the Canadian Tire Concert Stage in the Let’R Buck Saloon Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28.

From a small boy walking around his parent’s living room to the present day Rob has always had a song streaming through his head.

In the mid-80s his desires outweighed his fears of performing in front of an audience and he has never looked back.

Although working mostly in the country vein, he has honed his craft as a singer over the years which has allowed him to become well versed in a wide variety of musical styles.

From a haunting country ballad to a powerful rock song he always delivers with pure passion and high energy.

Along the way he has had the great pleasure of entertaining audiences big and small, from large festival crowds to the more intimate settings of a house concert, not to mention the many night clubs, arenas, dance halls and pubs between B.C. and Newfoundland.

Throughout the years Rowan has garnered many fans along the way both young and old and always enjoys spending time with them.

Although having many different incarnations of the band over the years, Rowan has always attracted high quality talent to accompany him in his musical endeavors which has always kept him in high demand.

At present he continues to tour throughout Western Canada attracting new fans wherever he performs and always delivers a top notch show.

You won’t be disappointed as there is always something for everyone.