The Williams Lake Film Club shows Unfinished Song Tuesday.

The Williams Lake Film Club shows Unfinished Song Tuesday.

Film club screens Unfinished Song Tuesday

The Williams Lake Film Club screens its next film, Unfinished Song, on Tuesday Oct. 29 at the Gibraltar Room.

What a treat is waiting for you on Oct. 29. That is when the Williams Lake Film Club will show its next film, Unfinished Song.

Unfinished Song is an English/German coproduction, no subtitles, rated PG 13, and runs for 93 minutes.

Without the incredible actors Unfinished Song could have been a sappy, run-of-the- mill movie, but  Vanessa Redgrave, Terence Stamp and Gemma Arterton, and many of the other old or not-so-old characters, elevate this film to a complete treat.

It is sad, very sad in parts, but ultimately full of life and real laughter. If you liked the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, you will absolutely love this film.

Unfinished Song is based on a play from London, Song for Marion. Terence Stamp plays Arthur, a shy and very grumpy old man who truly only loves one person, his wife Marion, played  by Redgrave. The depth of their love is palpable, it speaks through their gestures but even more so through their eyes.

It is a wonder to watch this in a film. Marion is battling cancer, but she is a great spirit, she wants to enjoy all what is left in life, and one of the big joys she finds in her singing choir.

What a wonderful group of characters that is, held together by young and charming Elizabeth, played by Arterton. As in real life you find that everyone is carrying their own burden, even the beautiful and young Elizabeth, but they also know how to take the joys in life and deeply appreciate them.

Yes, there are some predictable parts in the film, again just like in real life, but the way they are treated and dealt with is wonderful. You will cry, do bring your hankie, and you also will laugh tears. I cannot stop thinking about the choir singing “Let’s talk about Sex…”  — what a complete hoot!

Don’t listen to the critics who try to pan this film, they are just grumpy themselves. They do not understand what real love can do to you. Too bad — you certainly don’t want to miss it. As Marion says:  What makes a song beautiful is not always the quality of the voice but the distance that voice has had to travel.

Unfinished Song will be shown at the Gibraltar Room at the Memorial Complex, screening starts at 7 p.m., back doors open at 6:30 p.m.  If you enter the building through the front doors, just march on through to the other side. We love to take your money. It is for a good cause you know. General admission is $9, for Film Club members $8, for seniors (65+) and students, HS and TRU, it is $6.

Annual Memberships, $10, and old-fashioned German Advents Calendars, $2, will be available at the back door. As always, there will be refreshments served after the screening.

See you Tuesday — and remember your hankie.