Joy Holte

Joy Holte

7-7 Gospel Jamboree celebrates at Cochin Lake

The 17th annual 7-7 Gospel Jamboree drew people from across near and far.

The 17th annual 7-7 Gospel Jamboree drew people from across the Chilcotin, Cariboo, Okanagan, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the U.S., along with a contingent of young people from Japan and China.

Between musical acts people young and old enjoyed swimming, paddling and fishing in the waters of Cochin Lake.

Hosts Charlie and Ruth Travers invited musical pastors Darrell Newby and Tom Miller and their Hand to Heart ministry from Columbia Falls, Montana to headline the three days of music, worship and fellowship.

Picking up the musical slack was a strong contingent of local musicians who performed a song or two. Ruth and Charlie made sure nobody was left out. Performers included Chenoa, Keira, Mike and Joy Holte of Anahim Lake; Ruth and Teddy Venn of Tatla Lake; Caroline Billy, Christopher Billy and David Lulua of Redstone; Ascher, Wilson, Brucks and Shannon Wedel of Williams Lake; Roberta Hopkins and Lyndon Froese of Williams Lake; Paul, Tamara, Faith, Rikki and Jeffrey Lowrie of Anahim Lake; Paul Ilderton, Ken Dyck and Christine Peters of Tatla Lake; Robert Common from the Fraser Valley; Lana, Caleb, Acacia and Xavier Birchwater from Lumby; Charlene Travers from Seattle; John Mackenzie from Eagle Lake; and Luis Mendosa from Arizona.

Sage Birchwater photo

David Lulua listens to Christopher Billy play the guitar at the 17th annual Gospel Jamboree.