Geoff Bourdon of Woodland Jewellers Ltd. has created another stunning ring to raise money for Cariboo Memorial Hospital. (Woodland Jewellers Ltd. photo)

Geoff Bourdon of Woodland Jewellers Ltd. has created another stunning ring to raise money for Cariboo Memorial Hospital. (Woodland Jewellers Ltd. photo)

Woodland Jewellers offers custom ring for Cariboo Memorial Hospital raffle

To date the store has raised $125,500 for the hospital

Geoff Bourdon of Woodland Jewellers has done it again.

The Williams Lake jeweller has created a beautiful ring that will be raffled off on Saturday, Dec. 4, to raise funds for the purchase of equipment at Cariboo Memorial Hospital.

Bourdon has been creating a piece of jewelry to raffle ever year since 2009. To date the store has raised $125,500 for the hospital. This year the raffle also marks Woodlands’ 88th anniversary.

“It builds a community worth living in,” he said of why he continues to donate for the raffle.

The impressive handcrafted platinum ring features a 1.14 carat natural lavender pear sapphire accented with .37 carat of diamonds and .43 carat of pink and purple sapphires.

“Most coloured gemstones are treated in some way, whether it be heat treating or other methods, normally done to enhance colours, whereas this one was naturally formed that colour,” Bourdon said.

It is valued at $8,250.00.

Bourdon selected the sapphire, which he found through one of his gem dealers, in the spring and decided it best suited a ring. He started designing and building the ring around the sapphire about seven weeks ago.

Due to a recent change in BC Gaming rules this year the raffle is being presented by the Cariboo Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

Tickets for the raffle are available at the store and from members of the Cariboo Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Normally the ticket is drawn at the Cariboo Memorial Hospital Trust gala, but due to COVID-19 restrictions and there being an online auction instead, the winning ticket will be drawn at 12 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 4 at Woodland Jewellers, 150 Oliver Street, via the Williams Lake Tribune Facebook page livestream video.

To purchase a ticket, buyers must be 19 years or older, must be a B.C. resident, unless the buyer is a traveller visiting and the entire transaction takes place in B.C. Tickets may be purchased by cash, debit card, cheque made out to Woodland Jewellers Ltd. or e-transfer. Call or text 250-392-5423 to speak with Kendall Bourdon to arrange e-transfer. Transfers cannot come from out of the province because of the B.C. Gaming License policy.

Tickets will be sold until just before the draw or until they are sold out.

Bourdon took over ownership of the store from his mom, Brenda Bourdon, and aunt, Cindy Watt, in February 2020 and recently had some upgrades done to the outside of the store.

“I wanted to display the front of the store the way I like to display the inside to give it more of a modern, but still classic look.”

The jewelry industry has not hit as many product constraints as other industries, he said, noting his business has been fairing well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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