Williams Lake’s Easter bunny bonanza

In Tyman Jobin's yard, it is hard to distinguish the real bunnies from the decorations, with feral bunnies, decorations for Easter and the family's own pet rabbits. (Ruth Lloyd photo - Williams Lake Tribune)
One of the young bunnies which appeared in Tyman Jobin's yard recently. (Ruth Lloyd photo - Williams Lake Tribune)
One of the feral baby bunnies in Tyman Jobin's yard in Williams Lake. (Ruth Lloyd photo - Williams Lake Tribune)
Roger the rabbit hangs out under a fir tree in a yard on Fourth Avenue in Williams Lake. The feral rabbit appeared in the neighbourhood and was christened Roger, but turned out to be a girl. (Ruth Lloyd photo - Williams Lake Tribune)

The Easter bunny arrived early for Tyman Jobin’s family.

Jobin, who lives on Fourth Avenue in Williams Lake, said he and his family noticed a small rabbit coming into their yard and seeming to hang around.

At first the family thought the rabbit was a male who was visiting the family’s two pet female rabbits in cages in the backyard.

But then more recently the male has turned out to be a mother instead.

“All of a sudden a whole bunch of babies showed up,” said Jobin. “First there was one, then there was two and then there was three.”

He said it appears the bunny family is living behind a storage shed in their yard.

The young bunnies appear to be independent enough to spend the day in the yard on their own while the mom goes out. He posted a video to Facebook of the small bunnies playing.

He said they spend the day eating grass and carrots they have been feeding them.

“They’re eating good,” said Jobin.

While his three youngest kids enjoy the rabbits, the family has enough pets and he posted the video hoping to find out the owners of the rabbits, but so far no one has come forward to claim them.

With dogs, cats, fish and two grown rabbits of their own, the plan is to find the young bunnies a good home.

“Kind of an orphanage my house,” joked Jobin. The two rabbits the family already has were from a family which couldn’t take care of them.

The family plans to try and live trap the bunnies.

“I’m pretty sure we can catch them and keep them in a cage until we can give them to a good home.”

While Jobin said he had spotted other apparently feral rabbits in their neighbourhood, this was the first time they had them in their backyard.

The feral rabbits fit right in, as Jobin has Easter decorations all over their property in preparation for the holiday this weekend.

Watch the Facebook video here.

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