Williams Lake 4-H Show and Sale winners announced

The Williams Lake and District 4-H Council had its last district meeting of the year, Monday, Oct. 17.

The Williams Lake and District 4-H Council had its last district meeting of the year, Monday, Oct. 17. The following is the compiled list of top winners participating in the 4-H Show and Sale in August. “G” stands for grand champion. “R” stands for reserve champion. “RU” stands for runner up.


Jr. Showman: Melanie Wintjes, G; Nathan James, R.

Sr. Showman: Sarah Grant, G; Zaria Hayes, R.

Best Groomed: Sarah Grant.

Top Equitation: Zaria Hayes, G; Sarah Grant, R; Melanie Wintjes, RU.

High Point Jr.: Melanie Wintjes.

High Point Sr.: Sarah Grant.


Steer: Camille Roberts, G; Myron Theodore, R; Heather Fisher-Leblanc, RU.

Heifer: Russell Swan, G; Garrett Best, R; Colton Monical, RU.

Cow/Calf: Taylor Maciborsky, G;    Emily Lachance, R; Russell Swan, RU.

Mature Cow/Calf: Chay Keenan-Toop, G; Mathew Arms, R.

Supreme Female: Chay Keenan-Toop, G.

Breeder of Top Steer: Woodjam Ranch.

Best Daily Rate of Gain:    Paige Sepkowski, G; Jessica Payne, R; Carmen Kaufman,  RU.

Weight Class 1: Karina Sukert, G; Cameron Flinton, R.

Weight Class 2: Heather Fisher-Leblanc, G; Nicolas Flinton, R.

Weight Class 3: Paige Sepkowski, G; Mathew Arms, R.

Weight Class 4: Camille Roberts, G; Hannah Yahnke, R.

Weight Class 5: Andrew Yurkiw, G; Carmen Kaufman, R.

Weight Class 6: Myron Theordore, G; Nathan Rymer, R.

Best Groomed: Heather Fisher-Leblanc.

Group of Steers: Rose Lake.

Group of Heifers:  Rose Lake.

Sr. Showman: Kristina Pfleiderer, G; Heather Fisher-Leblanc, R.

Jr. Showman:     Garrett Best, G; Sarah Lachance, R.

Top First Year (9-10) Showman G; Nicolas Flinton, R.

Highest Gain Cow/Calf Pair: Taylor Maciborsky, G; Emily Lachance, R; Russell Swan, RU.

Best Home Grown Steer: Andrew Yurkiw.

Top Limo Steer: Myron Theodore.

Top Limo Female: Lucille Paul.

Top Hereford Steer: Kevin Sokolan.

Top Hereford Female: Russell Swan.

Top Angus Steer: Camille Roberts.

Top Angus Heifer: Garrett Best.

Top Simmental Steer: Hannah Yahnke.

Top Simmental Heifer: Emily Lachance.

Top Charolais Steer: Heather Fisher-Leblanc.

Top Speckled Park Steer    none

Top Highland Heifer: Curtis Stromsten.

Top Gelbvieh Female: Colton Monical.

Top Gelbvieh Steer: Colton Monical.


Swine    Market: Ryan Roberts, G; Stephen Theodore-Jensen, R; Parker Kennedy, RU.

Breeding Gilt:     Dallas Smith, G; Amy Stafford, R; Katleen Archie, RU.

Sr. Showman: Tavis Stromsten, G; Ivan Yahnke, R.

Jr. Showman: Madison  Blusson, G; Ben Stafford, R.

Best Groomed: Tavis Stromsten.

Weight Class 1: Brett Archie, G; Jack Teppema, R.

Weight Class 2: Stephanie Smith, G; Karalee Stromsten, R.

Weight Class 3: Tyson Mckinnon, G; Jesse Maltesen, R.

Weight Class 4: Parker Kennedy, G; Brody Theodore, R.

Weight Class 5: Ryan Roberts, G; Stephen Theodore-Jensen, R.

Weight Class 6: Joshua Yahnke, G;     Phoenix Paul, R.

Weight Class 7: Ashley Howell, G; Ivan Yahnke, R.

Weight Class 8: Courtney Rankin, G; Cody Bailey, R.


Market: Mercedez Boyce, G; Curtis Best, R; Catriona Henderson, RU.

Ewe Lamb: Sarah Lachance, G; Courtney Rankin, R; Emma Pfleiderer, RU.

Ewe/Lambs at Foot: Ainsley Dewsbury, G; Sarah Lachance, R; Jesse Maltesen, RU.

Two-year-old Ewe/Lambs at Foot: Davana Mahon, G.

Best Groomed: Tierney Watkinson.

Group of Market Lambs:     Canim.

Sr. Showman: Davana Mahon, G; Robyn Ferguson, R.

Jr. Showman:     Sarah Lachance, G; Laura Pfleiderer, R.

Weight Class 1: Shaylin Leclerc, G; Sarah Lachance, R.

Weight Class 2: Mercedez Boyce, G; Catriona Henderson, R.

Weight Class 3: Curtis Best, G; Jolee Campbell, R.


Fancy Rabbit: Melanie Wintjes, G; Karalee Stromsten, R; Kelsey Ervin, RU.

Doe and Litter: Mikayla Mosher, G.

Sr. Showman: Kristina Pfleiderer, G; Kelsey Ervin, R.

Jr. Showman:     Melanie Wintjes, G; Mikayla Mosher, R.

Best Groomed: Jordana Wintjes.


Bicycle: Nicola Dutoit, G; Blake Haley, R; Mathew Bayliff, RU.

Sr. Showman: Nicola Dutoit, G.

Jr. Showman:     Blake Haley, G; Mathew Bayliff, R.


Foods: Sierra Siwek, G; Jack Roberts, R; Camille Roberts, RU.

Sr. Showman: Katelyn Walters, G; Jack Roberts, R.


Gardening: Mikayla Mosher, G; Camille Roberts, R; Allan Stafford, RU.

Sr. Showman: Camille Roberts, G.

Jr. Showman: Mikayla Mosher, G; Allan Stafford, R.


Small Engine: Jesse Siwek, G; Jack Roberts, R; Cole Leclerc, RU.

Sr. Showman: Garret Ferreira, G; Jesse Siwek, R.


Photography Record Book: Katelyn Walters, G; Katleen Archie, R; Carleigh Walters, RU.

Photo:     Carleigh Walters, G; Kelsey Ervin, R; Kimberley Davis, RU.

Sr. Showman: Kira Bendickson, G; Katelyn Walters, R.

Jr. Showman:     Melanie Wintjes, G; Kimberley Davis, R.


Dog Agility: Kody Benner, G; Kate Barnett, R; Katelyn Walters, RU.

Sr. Showman: Kate Barnett, G; Katelyn Walters, R.

Jr. Showman:     Maria DiMarco, G; Nathan James, R.

Best Groomed: Maria DiMarco.


Poultry    : Katie Isaac, G; Kylee Lacey, R.

Jr. Showman:     Katie Isaac, G; Kylee Lacey, R.


Top Jr. Judge: Katie Isaac.

Top Sr. Judge: Camille Roberts.

Most Enthusiastic Jr.: Jolee Campbell.

Most Dedicated Sr.: Camille Roberts.

Highest Rally Part by Club: Chilcotin.        Best Kept Stall: Big Lake.

Top 9-10 Year Old Boy Judge: Nicolas Flinton.

Top 9-10 Year Old Girl Judge: Katie Isaac.

Grand Aggregate Boy: Jesse Siwek.

Grand Aggregate Girl: Camille Roberts.

Jr. Proficiency Award: Mikayla Mosher.

Sr. Proficiency Award: Robyn Ferguson.