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Tatla Lake rallies for clinic with Have Heart fundraiser

Tatla Lake is at it again, stepping up to the plate to raise funds for the local health clinic.
Johanna Kirby had the misfortune of falling and breaking her wrist about 7 weeks ago

Tatla Lake is at it again, stepping up to the plate to raise funds for the local health clinic.

The West Chilcotin Health Care Society has made it known to the community that they are in dire need of state-of-the-art equipment that will aid in providing a higher level of care locally.

Tatla Lake handles a great number of people requiring help or health care from the surrounding areas including Anahim Lake to Alexis Creek and homes in the off-road places –– one never knows who will be in the clinic requesting assistance, which the staff of the health centre cheerfully give them. The clinic is a three- hour drive from Williams Lake, the nearest hospital or pretty well same drive to Bella Coola, so therefore is a very important building out west.

The fundraiser, Have Heart, is scheduled to take place on Feb. 14 at the Tatla Lake Community Hall. A potluck dinner will be served with doors opening at 5 p.m. and dinner begins at six p.m.

And believe me, the community sure knows how to throw a mouth-watering meal!

A $5 charge will be levied at the door, then you can bring your donation in and have it put in place.

Wine and specialty coffee will be on sale, while coffee, tea and juice will be provided.

Don’t forget your wallet, because after dinner and dessert the silent and live auction will begin at 8 p.m..

Most of the folks really enjoy the good-natured bantering that goes on during the silent auction and the live auction.

Pencil the event in on your calendar, practice your bidding and be prepared for a fun-filled night raising funds for our local health unit.

To donate any goods or services, call either Johanna Kirby at 250-476-1339 or Selma Padgett, 250-476-1123.

Folks, let’s ring the phones off the hook with donations.

The medical equipment hoped to be purchased through fundraising goals are as follows:

• Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator for Med-Evacs and clinic backup for $25,000.

• Point of Care Laboratory Testing (POCY) plus supplies for $15,000.

• Annual cost Laboratory POCT Supplies for $5,000.

• IV Pump for $5,000.

• Portable IV Pump for Med Evacs, $5,000.

• Portable Ultrasound for $10,000.

• Cast Cutter, $2,500.

The clinic has been blessed with Doctor Rob Coetzee who arrived after Doctor Mike Smialowski retired. He is kept very busy with his patient load along with assisting with emergencies as well as assisting the nurses with the various patients that require care.

The staff consists of one full-time Registered Nurse, one part-time Registered Nurse, and a Nurse Practitioner who works out of the clinic with advanced notice; along with a flow of casual Registered Nurses on a casual basis who help with the workload. Most of the equipment they want to raise funds for will greatly help situations out as needed.

So folks, we are asking for donations and inviting you to come out to Tatla Lake for a night to get to know our wonderful community hospitality.  We will show you how it is done in Tatla Lake and we will become ‘The Little Town that Did,” raising the funds needed for the Health Clinic.

The scenic drive is well worth it too.