Sustainability projects part of Fraser River trip

Orden Mack of Williams Lake is among five young sustainability leaders from around B.C. participating in a Fraser River raft adventure.

Orden Mack of Williams Lake will be among five young sustainability leaders from around B.C. participating in this summer’s raft adventure down the Fraser River.

The 25-day Sustainjable Living Leadership Program is run by the not-for-profit Rivershed Society of B.C.

Along the way participants learn about sustainable living and responsible community and resource development, while immersed in the ever-changing scenery of the Fraser River.

During their journey, the participants will also design a sustainability project to implement in their home communities upon their return.

Mack will document the trip and work with the Moccasin Footprint Society to educate people about the positive contributions of Aboriginal people.

Lori Eaton of Prince George will create an educational unit plan for her students.

Alex Ensworth and Katie Furness-Moore of Port Coquitlam will be creating a photo-journal profile of people who live, work and depend on the Fraser.

Leigh Herbert of Enderby is creating a two-part video and written description of watersheds, while on a series of trips in the Shuswap watershed area  and evaluating these rivers for a regional water-based trail system.

Melnychuk of Sorrento will create a small-town promotional booklet highlighting the strengths of Chase, a community with quickly a decreasing population.

These five adventurers are starting their trip Thursday, July 31, at the Fraser River’s headwaters near Mount Robson and following the ancient salmon migration route, travelling 1,400 kilometres by canoe, raft, shuttle van, and on foot ending up in Vancouver

On Saturday, Aug. 9 the group will spend the morning hiking through an ancient cedar rainforest on Highway 16 near Crescent Spur.

Sunday, Aug. 10 they will attend a culture day celebration at Xat’sull Heritage Village at Soda Creek.

Monday, August 11 the group is scheduled to spend the afternoon watching a juvenile fish net demonstration by Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the Sheep Creek Bridge, west of Williams Lake.

Saturday, Aug. 16 the team will be at Bridge River/Cayoosh Creek Campground, Lillooet.

On Thursday, Aug. 21 they will take a morning tour of Glen Valley Organic Farm, in Langley; Friday Aug. 22 have lunch at the Fraser River Discovery Centre in  New Westminster; and Saturday, Aug. 23 complete their trip by paddling into Vancouver, arriving at the Jericho Sailing Club in the afternoon.

For updates on the group’s progress down the river, or to learn more about the Sustainable Living Leadership Program, visit the Rivershed Society’s website at