Jordan Grier of Chilco Ranch at Hanceville says the ranch has experienced a great calving season so far. (Photo submitted)

Jordan Grier of Chilco Ranch at Hanceville says the ranch has experienced a great calving season so far. (Photo submitted)

Succession planning top of mind for Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association

Jordan Grier is the CCA president

Access to feed continues to be a concern for ranchers across the country, said Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association president Jordan Grier.

“Everyone is pretty hesitant right now because of the lack of feed. We are all waiting for the Prairies to get some green grass and water especially. They have no moisture yet.”

Grier became president of the Cattlemen’s this year and said after a meeting in March he is feeling very optimistic.

“They are such a great group of people that are so supportive that I’m actually quite excited for the position really.”

After meeting virtually through the COVID-19 pandemic, it was nice to meet face-to-face in a room and have discussions.

The members put together some resolutions to forward to the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association annual general meeting.

“We formed a committee with myself, David Zirnhelt and Lisa Holm to work on recruitment for the Cattlemen’s and succession planning,” Grier said.

Presently throughout the region many ranchers are busy with calving, including Grier at Chilco Ranch near Hanceville, which his family has owned for 30 years.

“We are creeping toward the half-way point and busy night and day.”

Calving is going well this year, he added.

“It’s been a great calving year for us. We have very cooperative cows this year it seem like and a lot less issues with calving. Feed being an issue, hopefully the cows keep milking until we get some green grass and things of that nature. I talked to a neighbour who said the same thing that calving was going good as well this year.”

Chuckling Grier said with his family being there for 30 years, if it gets one per cent better every year, it has gotten 30 per cent better than when they started.

“It’s just kind of a way to think of it. Maybe it’s just luck. I’ll take luck any day.”

Grier hopes to attend the 85th Annual Bull Show and Sale at the B.C. Livestock Producers Co-op April 13 and 14, to be the face of the Cattlemen’s Association and hopefully recruit some more people to be involved.

“As much as it doesn’t feel like it, sometimes, you know your head’s in the trenches and you get bogged down, it is such an important industry. All we do is so important and we kind of forget.”

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