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Stories and pictures sought for Alexis Creek Hospital centennial

100 years ago, Alex Graham realized that his community of Alexis Creek needed medical care.

Mary Engelbert

Special to the Tribune/Advisor

100 years ago, Alex Graham realized that his community of Alexis Creek needed medical care.

He recruited Dr. William Wright to come to the area.

He arrived in 1912 and set up practice in a small cabin on the ranch, while the hospital was being built.

The consensus is that the hospital was opened sometime in 1914.

Over the years, several doctors served the community from this hospital.

In 1949 the Red Cross Society took over management of the facility until 2005.

It was the Alexis Creek Red Cross Outpost Hospital for the next 56 years.

The Red Cross Society transferred the hospital over to the provincial government under the management of the Interior Health Authority in 2005.

Shortly thereafter it was renamed the Alexis Creek Health Centre.

The original log hospital has been upgraded, added onto, painted, repainted, and re-roofed many times over the years while continuing to provide health services to the community.

We are celebrating 100 years of medical service from the Alexis Creek Hospital on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014, at our community hall.

More details for the day will be coming.

Right now we are looking for pictures and stories about the hospital and what it meant for your family.

We are especially looking for old pictures of Alexis Creek and the hospital.

If you have pictures of people or places of old, please try to name them.

If you are unable to name everyone in a picture maybe someone else will recognize them.

Any stories and/or pictures can be sent to any member of the planning committee at the addresses below.

If you wish to have your pictures returned, please send along a return address.

Pictures and stories can be sent to following people at their respective addresses.

Mary Engelbert, Box 286, Alexis Creek, B.C., VOL-1A0; or leave a message at 1-250-394-4225, or email

Kim Mernett, Box 227, Alexis Creek, B.C., VOL-1A0; phone 1-250-394-4220 or email

Lynn Blatchford, Box 166, Hanceville, B.C., V0L-1K0; phone 1-250-394-4297 or email