Ella and Tobin Kruus

Ella and Tobin Kruus

Star leaf art part of Culture Days at Scout Island

Art was in the air at Scout Island Nature Centre Saturday when local kids created ‘temporary nature art.'

Art was in the air at Scout Island Nature Centre Saturday when local kids created ‘temporary nature art’ based on the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Facilitated by Scout Island nature educator Mary Forbes, the event was part of Culture Days in Williams Lake.

“Andy Goldworthy does things with sticks, leaves, stones — things you find in nature,” she said.

“The idea is that you make it and leave it and people enjoy it, but then the wind will come and change it and gradually take it away; it’s all biodegradable and will slowly disappear.”

The group of young Culture Day participants created a ‘leaf star’ by sitting on the ground with their feet apart and filling the gap between their legs with leaves.

They further decorated the star with things like sea shells, pinecones, sunflowers and crab apples.

Ella Kruus said she brought sea shells from Long Beach to use to decorate the star. “It was fun,” she added.

“I like pine cones in my part of the star,” explained her brother, Tobin Kruus.

Melissa Elefson noted that she put sunflowers into the star, as well as three crab apples that she found.

Her sister Rebecca Elefson added that she found a stuffed bear in Scout Island storage.

“I like that it’s pretend,’ she said.

“I selected acorns and leaves,” announced Rachel Elefson.

“I’m happy about this star.”

Scout Island hosts a different free family event the last Saturday of the month, according to  Forbes, who said that in October they’re hosting Spooky Spiders just in time for Halloween.

“We’re going to go out and catch them and identify them and there will be a huge awesome spider web you can fall into,” she explained, adding that in November there is an earth-friendly crafting event at the Arts Centre put on by the Conservation Society and other partners.

“Bring your kids to Scout Island on Nov. 20 — National Child Day — for some outdoor family fun and a healthy dose of ‘Vitamin N’ or nature,” she said.

For more information about Scout Island programs, including the star party astronomy event in January, visit www.scoutislandnaturecentre.ca or phone 250-398-8532.