Stampede Queen coronation Saturday

Come one, come all.

Bobi Bracewell

Special to The Tribune


Come one, come all.

Join us on June 25  at the Elks Hall, for the Stampede Queen coronation.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. to witness the crowning of two lucky ladies chosen to represent Williams Lake as Stampede Queen and Stampede Princess for the year of 2011/12. 

Davana Mahon, Miss Macon Construction; Alexia Colton, Miss Cariboo Spurs Apparel & Tack; and myself, Bobi Daia Bracewell; Miss Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association have been up to our buckles in events and community gatherings beginning from early March and carrying through until June 25 when the results are in and the suspense will subside. 

As some of you may know, running to be Miss Williams Lake Stampede Queen is no day at the park —  sometimes it’s raining; other times its windy and trying to blow your cowboy hat in the mud but some days the sun is out, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming; it’s little moments like these that help us relax and enjoy the bumpy ride. 

When the Williams Lake Stampede Queen program/competition was first established in 1933, the process of winning the crown was much different than it is today. 

The contestant who sold the most tickets towards the Stampede and dance would be chosen as Miss Williams Lake Stampede Queen.  

Over the years the competition has evolved into a more challenging, life-changing experience.

Contestants are judged in four categories. Horsemanship is worth 30 per cent of the final mark. The written exam on knowledge of rodeo and the City and personal interview are worth 30 per cent of the final mark. 

Speech craft and public speaking is worth 20 per cent of the final mark. 

And lastly personality and appearance are worth 20 per cent of the final mark, giving a total score out of a possible 100 per cent. 

The contestants are also silently judged throughout the competition at events they attend. 

During the months of May and June the contestants have attended several fun-filled events.  

May 26 the contestants modelled at the Legion for a Ladies Night Out showing nothing but smiles and lovely energy, wearing beautiful clothes from Just Because, Lavender Lingerie, and Suzanne’s and Jenny’s. 

The night was hosted by Joyce Norberg and ended with a skit that left everyone in stitches. 

Not too long after being dressed up in designer clothes we got dressed for possible rain and wind, to help with the Bike Rodeo held at Canadian Tire on May 28. 

It was a wonderful turn out of children, the bikes were coming in all different shapes and sizes and the children left smiling from ear to ear holding a prize as they completed the course. Hope to see you all next year!

And in case our brains weren’t full enough with Williams Lake information we took a visit to the Tourism Discovery Centre learning more and more about the City, leaving with a new book to read.

That evening we tried to absorb the knowledge deputy mayor Surinderpal Rathor was telling us, quietly listening and getting a better grasp on politics and government. 

Coming to the end of events and more towards the finals we were invited to the Strawberry Tea at the Elks Hall getting to meet and mingle with all of the ladies as we served tea, coffee and delicious cake. Nothing beats listening to music and talking with old friends again. 

The contestants attended horsemanship classes every Wednesday from May until June at Eagleview with Janice Sapp as their instructor and appointed guests to give us suggestions on how to perfect our riding skills and gain new ones.

Thank you Lori Rankin and Anthonie Lothian. 

They just recently completed their riding exam on Wednesday,  June 15 at the Stampede Grounds. The test was based on riding skills, proper tack and appearance and finishing with impromptu questions. 

Thank you to Lynn Wilson-Dent, Leann Crosina and Sarah Roberts for the use of your three wonderful horses, Mooch, Mary and Butterscotch.  

The riding was judged with the help of three great ladies, Joan Gentles, Bobbie Lloyd, and Linda Dickey. To sum up the evening the ladies were asked an impromptu question marked by none other than Diane Wood, Sandra Stuart, and Lauren Bachland-Penner. The contestants thank you ladies for all of your hard work and making horsemanship so much fun. 

On June 20 we took written exams on knowledge about Williams Lake and rodeo. Then on June 22  we had our personal interviews. The contestants are so grateful for all of the hard work and dedication the City and Stampede Association have shown towards the program.

Coronation night is coming up tomorrow night Saturday, June 25. Get your tickets at Willies’ Western Wear, Cariboo Spur and About Face photography.


Looking forward to seeing you there!