Rachel Abrahamse Miss Daybreak Rotary

Rachel Abrahamse Miss Daybreak Rotary

Stampede Queen contestant Rachel Abrahamse introduced

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel Abrahamse, Miss Daybreak Rotary.

Hi everyone,

My name is Rachel Abrahamse, Miss Daybreak Rotary.

I am really excited to be a contestant for the 2013 Williams Lake Stampede Queen.

I am 17 years old and currently a Grade 12 student at Maranatha Christian School.

I was born and raised in Williams Lake.

I have participated in 4-H for the last 9 years doing projects in beef, sheep, poultry and photography.

4-H has taught me confidence, leadership, and how to stand up in front of a group of people and deliver a speech.

I have volunteered at a number of community events and clubs such as the Williams Lake Stampede Association and Awana Clubs International. I have also worked on a few ranches in the area including The Gang Ranch and the Princeton Stock Ranch doing tasks like yard work, haying, and riding.

Growing up on a farm with horses and cattle has made me love being outdoors and getting my hands dirty. Most of my free time has been spent with my dad on the farm.

Family has always come first and is very important to me.

Even though my three older siblings have left home, we have stayed really close.

My older brother resides in Williams Lake with his wife and my older sisters live in Kelowna and Prince George.

My mom is a great cook and my entire family loves cooking.

We are constantly having people over for meals and a good visit. My family has deep roots in the Williams Lake area.

Felker Lake is named after my great, great grandparents and we’ve been residents of the area ever since.

I am a very outgoing person, I love meeting new people and I have never been described as shy. I also love to try new things.

Once I graduate from high school and take some pre-level university courses, I plan on going into a Bachelor of Science in hydrogeology.

Thank you to my family for helping and encouraging me, my sponsors for getting me here and supporting me and my friends for your support.


I look forward to the rest of the competition and hope to represent you, the people of Williams Lake, the Stampede Association, and the City of Williams Lake as the 2013 Williams Lake Stampede Queen.