Stafford family heirloom photo clarified


Liz Twan would like to correct the photo caption under the Stafford family photograph that ran with her feature about the late Bill Stafford Sr. in the Tuesday, Jan. 3 edition of the Tribune. In the photograph she had the identities of the boys mixed up. The caption should have read: “It was a triumphant awards evening for the Stafford family of Springhouse at the 1966 4-H Awards dinner. In the centre front is Elaine, who won the trophy for Grand Champion Steer and first place in Showmanship. Beside her (left) is her older sister, Betty, the runner-up in both of those categories. Brother, Bill Jr., completes the front row, holding more hardware. Standing proudly behind them are their parents, Bill Stafford Sr., holding baby Fred, and his wife, Bea.