Springhouse 4-H Club speech awards presented

The Springhouse 4-H Club’s speeches and demos are once again completed for another year, and the winners are announced.

The Springhouse 4-H Club’s speeches and demos are once again completed for another year, and the winners were announced on Feb. 25.  Starting promptly at 9:30 a.m., after the 9 a.m. sign in, the speeches and demos were held at Williams Lake secondary.

We had a great turnout; family and friends joined our two panels of judges — three for junior and three for senior — to congratulate and watch the fantastic displays of public speaking, duo demonstrations, and our one solo speak and show.

The day consisted of our members presenting until noon, for a quick lunch, and continuing until 3 p.m., finishing the day off with senior impromptus and the awarding of ribbons. For the juniors: in speeches, Madison Blusson was awarded first place, Andrew Yurkiw came in second, and Mitchell Blusson was third. In the junior demos, Nicolas Flinton and Wyatt Armes won first place. In the senior category: in speeches, Heather Fisher-LeBlanc won first place, Carmen Kaufman came in second, and Jessica Herrick came in third. Ashley Telford and Courtney Rankin came in first for their demonstration; Darcy Sepkowski and Tianna MacLeod were awarded second place; and our one and only speak and show of the day was by senior member Mathew Armes who took home a first-place ribbon for his demonstration.

The Springhouse 4-H Club would like to thank profusely for the six wonderful judges that we had the pleasure to present to and to provide them with insight of our hobbies and inspirations.

All of the first and second place winners of every category have the opportunity to go and present at the district  levels. Carmen Kaufman, the second place winner of the senior speeches, on March 3 participated at the district speeches. These were held at Chilcotin Road elementary, in Williams Lake. Although she didn’t place — they only awarded the speeches in the top three — she explained that she had enjoyed her time and got to see some very interesting speeches.

The District Demos will be held on April 15 in 100 Mile House.