SMART 55: OAPO to host AGM on Monday, Feb. 15

I recently came home from a lovely lunch with 11 Old Age Pensioners Organization members.

Pat Cassidy

Smart 55

I recently came home from a lovely lunch with 11 Old Age Pensioners Organization members.

As an incentive to have members attend six or more meetings, at the end of the year OAPO takes the deserving ones out to lunch.

Last June at their convention, resolutions were passed and action was taken to the various arms of government.

If you’re at all interested, some replies, mainly from Health Minister Terry Lake, are available at the Seniors Centre.

Issues are mostly related to policies and how they affect seniors.

The whole purpose of the OAPO is to see that the government does not claw back benefits for seniors.

It really is annoying to hear some politicians remarking on what a drain the seniors are to the health system.

They seem to forget that the average senior worked from the age of majority to retirement, contributing their labour and taxes to the government.

The BC Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, remarked that some low-income seniors are not getting their MSP (Medical Service Plan) subsidy by not filing their income tax.

A couple earning under $39,000 per annum and a single person earning under $22,000 per annum qualify for the MSP subsidy.

On Sunday, Feb. 14 the OAPO is having a Valentine Tea at the Seniors Activity Centre from 2 to 4 p.m.

If you are over 80 you eat free, but those under 80 will pay the big sum of $2.

I hope to see you all there.

On Monday, Feb. 15 the OAPO Seniors Activity Centre is holding their annual general meeting at 1:30 p.m. If you are at all interested to know what went on and the ongoing operation of your Seniors Centre, please mark your calendar and make a point of attending. There will be an election of officers.

Everyone if possible, should attend to elect the best people to do the jobs.