SMART 55: OAPO planning Christmas party for members, friends

Turn on your TV set these days and all you will see and hear is the plight of the refugees.

Pat Cassidy


Turn on your TV set these days and all you will see and hear is the plight of the refugees streaming into Europe and the heart wrenching stories of those stuck in refugee camps. Then there is the bombing in Paris where the mastermind of the terrorist act is actually born in France and Belgium.

Turn the channel and you see the frenzied shopping of Black Fridays in the States and Canada.  We do indeed live in an affluent age. Too much food (every other person is on a diet) and too much of everything.

Yet there are those who say we should feed the hungry in Canada first.

Why are there hungry people in Canada?

We have government agencies helping the unemployed, socials services. Salvation Army and the Aboriginals have Federal help.

Some church groups even give out free clothing.

On a happier note, here in Williams lake, Barton Insurance puts on their annual Christmas dinner for seniors for $10.

The Old Age Pensioners Organization has a lovely Christmas party for members and friends on Dec. 10,  complete with Santa, entertainment and a singalong with the Cariboo Senior Carollers. The meal is cooked by the Catholic Women’s League and all for the price of $18. If you haven’t purchased your ticket, the cut off date is Dec. 4.

Pat Cullum, President on the Senior Activity Society, the branch that does the actual running on the Senior Activity Centre, announced that he is stepping down, and Pam Abrahamse will be the acting President until the Annual General Meeting in February.  Thank you Pat for stepping in and helping out through and difficult period. Joanna Wright has kindly stepped in as Secretary.

The temperature has dropped and the snowbirds are all going south for the winter, but for those of us still at home, we are all busy partying and getting ready for Christmas that before you know it, it will be January and a brand new year.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and for those of you hitting the road please drive carefully and return home in one piece.