Senior’s Scene: Seniors Activity Centre buzzing heading into fall

What happened to summer? I was away all of July and spent most of August watching the 2016 Olympics on the tube.

Pat Cassidy

Smart 55

What happened to summer? I was away all of July and spent most of August watching the 2016 Olympics on the tube.

I was so proud of the Canadian competitors.

It is easy to be gracious when you are a winner but to be gracious when you have been beaten is something else.

After all, they are all winners being able to qualify for the event.

The Seniors Activity Centre was closed for two weeks while the second phase of the kitchen renovation was taking place.

I hope the volunteers working in the kitchen will be pleased with the extra cabinets and counter space.

The carpets in the manager’s office and the other offices were also replaced, and so were the floors down in the basement where the members carpet bowl and floor curl.

To help with the expenses the ladies from the Senior Stitches have once again donated a quilt to raffle off.

Tickets will be sold from Sept. 22 and the draw will be at the Fall Bazaar on Nov. 3.

Most activities will be resumed.

There will be no potluck supper in September; it will be held on the first Friday of the month starting Oct. 7.

The OAPO monthly meeting will be on Sept. 8 at 1 p.m.

Every member is invited to attend as we would appreciate some new input.

The Senior Carollers will start up practice on Sept. 23 at 1 p.m.

Tickets for the crib tournament on Oct. 23 are on sale and as the number is limited to 60 players you are advised to purchase your ticket early.

I read the article where research demonstrates some of the ways to reduce dementia: eating healthy, exercise of the body and brain and, finally, the best preventative measure is a social life.

All of these are available at the Seniors Centre. Monday through Friday we have home-cooked meals.

Exercise is on Monday and Thursday.

To exercise your brain there is bridge, cribbage and poker.

Join the activity of your choice, volunteer your time and mingle and get to know people.

We are very lucky to have our Seniors Activity Centre in Williams Lake and its thanks to the volunteers that take the time off to sit on the board of directors.