Keepers of the Faith

Keepers of the Faith

Samoan gospel quartet performs in lakecity this week

Keepers of the Faith, a unique Samoan gospel quartet, is coming to Williams Lake for a series of mini-concerts May 2-11.

Keepers of the Faith, a unique Samoan gospel quartet, is coming to Williams Lake to offer a series of free mini-concerts every night from May 2-11.

The nightly ‘revival’ concerts will include Bible study and inspirational presentations and the week will conclude with a full gospel concert on Saturday, May 11.

Cameron Johnson said that from the moment he first heard the gospel quartet Keepers of the Faith, he knew he wanted to bring them to Williams Lake.

The group performed last year at Cariboo Adventist Academy and they made such a strong impact, Johnson has helped arrange for them to return.

“This time they’re here for a 10-day revival week event at the Cariboo Central Adventist Church. They will do a mini-concert every night and share a Bible study with the audience,” Johnson explained. “The ‘worship band’ from Cariboo Adventist Academy will open for the quartet at the revival, which coincides with a ‘week of prayer’ at the school.”

He said that Keepers of the Faith, a mainly a cappella group, made a huge impact on him.

“I love the very spiritual, powerful nature of their music,” he continued, adding that they come from rather unsavoury backgrounds and have even done jail time.

“The Lord to hold of them and changed their lived – they have a real experience with Him and when they’re on stage they share that experience.”


After being in many different singing groups, a father and three sons had decided to establish a group.


The community is more than welcome to come and enjoy the upcoming concerts, Johnson says.

“I want people to feel relaxed and welcome, to sit back and enjoy this lively gospel music,” Johnson explains. “I want people to feel inspired and to know that God is real. Bring your friends and family and come every night – by the third time here you’ll feel like you’re at home.”

The concerts take place at 7 p.m. May 2 to 11 at the Cariboo Central SDA Church on Woodland Drive.

For more information about the concerts phone 250-392-1905 or email and for more information about Keepers of the Faith visit