All the Spa-Tea Party girls lined up for a group shot in the dining room of Myrriah Miranda’s home on Jan. 26. Gerry Sheldrake (back left)

All the Spa-Tea Party girls lined up for a group shot in the dining room of Myrriah Miranda’s home on Jan. 26. Gerry Sheldrake (back left)

Rural women gather for a day of pampering

Rural women gathered recently at a friend's home for a spa day of pampering and visiting.

Feeling the  winter blahs approaching, Shelly Howarth Loring, Myrriah Miranda  and myself planned an afternoon with just the ladies,  where we all brought an appetizer of our choice and we could enjoy pampering our feet and hands while visiting the afternoon away.

After a few phone calls, by Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m., Myrriah’s home was filled with 10 ladies.

Each had a turn to soak their feet in one of two foot baths with epsom salts, then used a scrub on their feet to get rid of the dead skin.

As they soaked their feet Vikki Elzinga shared her satin hands set with us. As each one was ready we then dipped their feet in the warm paraffin wax pot, wrapped a plastic bag around each foot, wrapped them in towels and the ladies then dipped their freshly pampered hands in wax, wrapped them in a warm towel and were a bit handi-capped for about 15 minutes!

It’s a good thing the ladies arrived in stages, gave us more room to maneuver around foot bathes and paraffin wax pots, step over towels and socks on the floor.

We enjoyed coffee, tea, tiny cupcakes, devilled eggs, cake, meatballs on a toothpick, chocolate- wrapped cream cheese, cookies, chicken and scalloped potatoes with ham plus chips and dip.

Actually it’s a little hard eating and sipping tea without messing up your fingernails. There was a lot of fingers stuck in the air while waiting for the polish to dry.

Our Spa-Tea guests were kind of like a song, Juanita Gregg from Redstone; Shelly Howarth Loring and Gerry Sheldrake from Riske Creek, Rona Macdonald from Miocene,  Vikki Elzinga from Williams Lake,  Maggie Langley, Joan P. Gentles and Faye Buchanan are actually neighbours of our house hostess; Myrriah Miranda, just 10 minutes out of Williams Lake. And I came from Meldrum Creek! A wonderful variety of guests, most of whom already knew each other!

It was a very interesting afternoon for all of us. We shared a lot of stories and memories and most important laughter! We all left feeling full happy and content, our feet and hands were soft smooth and colourful!

Since Shelly had the most knowledge of nail painting she volunteered to paint our feet and nails. Most perched up on a stool and placed their feet on the milk carton while Shelly applied colorful nail polish on our toes.

After painting nine pairs of feet and hands, she sat down and we all grabbed a colour to paint one toe nail each and one fingernail, Shelly had a colourful pair of hands and feet but she was game!

We figure our lil beat the winter blahs Spa-Tea Party was a good idea as everyone enjoyed themselves and left with promises to stay in touch!