Rose Lake Miocene 4-H enters 45th year

The Rose Lake Miocene 4-H club is going into its 45th year and has had the first two meetings of 2013.

By Alexia Colton

Well, it is that time of year again everybody.

The Rose Lake Miocene 4-H club is going into its 45th year and has had the first two meetings of 2013.

There are 45 members this year including eight little Cloverbuds who are eager to learn more about agriculture and 4-H.

This year the club has eight projects including beef, sheep, swine, small engines, dog, photography, and Cloverbuds.

Many members have multiple projects.

There are also two 4-H ambassadors in the club; Camille Roberts is a second year ambassador and Chay Keenan-Toop is a first-year ambassador for the region.

Public speeches for the club were held on Feb. 23 at the Rose Lake Miocene community hall.

Nicole Bailey presented a speech about “Native Shelters” and won first place in the junior category.Cody Bailey placed second with “Survival Camping With Dad.”

Third place for juniors went to Ryan Roberts and his speech “Breaking Colts.”

In the senior category Camille Roberts placed first with a speech about “Global Issues.”

Alexia Colton was second with “The Snowflake That Sunk the Titanic.”

Chay Keenan-Toop placed third with his speech “A Bachelor’s Perspective.”

In the demonstration division for juniors, Kimberly Davis and Shaylin Leclerc placed first by demonstrating “How To Make Vanilla Ice Cream,” and Jordana Wintjes and Jayden Taylor placed second with “How To Fold an Origami Water Lily.”

In the senior demonstration category first place went to Samantha Taylor and Ashley Van Wyck with “Tie Dying.”

Second place went to Carleigh and Katelyn Walters with “How to prevent Hypothermia.”

Third place went to Cole Leclerc and Jack Roberts with “How to Change a Flat Tire.”

All of the Cloverbuds also did a speech and received first place ribbons.

First and second place junior and senior speeches and demonstrations have qualified for district level which will be held in 100 Mile House in March.

A huge thank you needs to go out to all of our helpful volunteers.

Senior judges: Ross McCoubrey, Robyn Mumford, Emma Smylie. Junior judges: Mary Telford, Danyka Bush, Davana Mahon. Tabulators and timers: Mary Benner, Pam Abrahamse, Ingrid Kallman, Gloria Bailey, Anna Martin, Jen Wintjes. Also thank you to Penny Gentles for organizing the entire speech event, Camille Roberts for being the MC, Kelly Gabrielson for organizing the food, and to everyone who contributed to the amazing potluck lunch.

Congratulations to all of our members and good luck to all of our winners.


All of the members are very excited for 2013 and they all hope to see the public at many of the 4-H events throughout the year.