ROSE LAKE MIOCENE 4-H CLUB: 65th annual Williams Lake and District 4-H Show and Sale

Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club.Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club.
Jeremiah Johnston.Jeremiah Johnston.
Scarlett Johnston.Scarlett Johnston.
Launa Bartley.Launa Bartley.
Dominic Billyboy.Dominic Billyboy.
Lucia Johnston.Lucia Johnston.
Lana Van Beers.Lana Van Beers.
Heidi Van Beers.Heidi Van Beers.
Austin Van Beers.Austin Van Beers.
Jessabelle Trelenberg.Jessabelle Trelenberg.
Raylee Simons.Raylee Simons.
Jezebel Billyboy.Jezebel Billyboy.
Echo Cameron.Echo Cameron.
Katie French.Katie French.
Jocelynn Johnson.Jocelynn Johnson.
Dean Bartley.Dean Bartley.
Fallon Cameron.Fallon Cameron.

The Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club has been running for 54 years. We currently have 23 members. Our projects this year include Beef, Sheep, Swine, Foods and Cloverbud. Our club offers a wide variety of learning experiences, fundraisers, public speaking, and people open to new ideas. For more information on the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club, you can contact our email at

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Dean Bartley – Lot #85

Hello, community. I’m Dean Bartley, lot number 85 and for this year’s project, I have a market hog. He is a Berkshire/Landrace cross. My pig is looking excellent so far. He enjoys being free ranged and biting me. Come check him out!

Launa Bartley – Lot #86

Good day everyone, my name is Launa Bartley. This year I have again raised another market lamb for my sale project. My lamb has a large frame carrying himself throughout, his muscle development has come along very uniform and at an excelling rate. My lamb comes from my very own herd of Hampshires. I hope everyone can come out and see us at Show and Sale.

Dominic Billyboy – Lot #87

Hi, my name is Dominic Billyboy. My lot number is 87. I am a member of The Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club. I have been in 4-H for four years. I am in the Swine project. My pig’s name is Fortnite. She is a Berkshire/Landrace pig. She’s red with black markings and a little shy. I have liked helping my club fundraise at events like the Children’s Festival and the Easter Petting Zoo. I look forward to seeing everyone at Show and Sale 2023.

Jezebel Billyboy – Lot #88

Hi, my name is Jezebel Billyboy, lot number 88. I’ve been a member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club for four years and my project this year is Foods. This year I attended a District Judging Rally. Some fundraisers I’ve helped with were the Children’s Festival set up and take down, a bottle drive and an awesome Easter Petting Zoo. I am excited to see you all at Show and Sale!

Echo Cameron – Lot #89

My name is Echo. I’m a Cloverbud. I bought a Corriente cow and I trained her to milk. I am also training her yearling heifer so I can milk her, too. Before I was in 4-H I wanted to get my hands on as many cows as I could. Now, I have two of my own.

Fallon Cameron – Lot #90

My name is Fallon Cameron. It’s my first year as a Cloverbud. My favourite thing about 4-H is the animals. I have five goats I bought myself. I’m going to show them when I am a junior.

David Casson – Lot #92

I am David Casson. Did you know that pigs are just as intelligent as dogs!? My market swine is a Berkshire/Landrace breed. My pig knows me and will jump up to greet me, she wags her tail and loves getting pets when I give her food. My pig’s name is Robbie and is black. Sorry, there is no picture but I will be at Show and Sale.

Jolene Casson – Lot #93

I’m Jolene Casson who loves bacon. The sound, the smell and better yet the taste! I have been raising my Berkshire/Landrace market swine project so you can have amazing pork! My pig’s name is Hogwarts. She is shy. Sorry there is no picture, but Hogwarts and I will be at Show and Sale. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Katie French – Lot #94

Hello, my name is Katie French and I am a member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club. I am 16 years old. This is my tenth year in 4-H and my projects are Market Lamb and Yearling Ewe Lamb. I have had lots of experiences these past years and am using that to aid in my market project this year. My market lamb this year is named Remi and she is a pure-bred Suffolk. She was born on February 8, 2023, and I purchased her from Kaleidoscope Acres. There were a good number of lambs to choose from, but I picked out Remi because she had a good frame already, her legs were very sturdy and she was long in her back. She was 60 pounds when I got her. It has been a tough few months as she sometimes wouldn’t eat but now, she is gaining very well, and she has been healthy throughout the year. I expect her to fill out her frame and have a nice finish by Show and Sale. She is roughly 120 pounds as of July. Come check out Remi at the Stockyards!

Jocelynn Johnson – Lot #96

Hi, my name is Jocelynn Johnson. I am 13 years old and this is my fourth year of showing livestock in the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club. This year my projects are Dry Yearling Ewe and Market Lamb. My market project this year is named Cisco. Cisco is a purebred Hampshire lamb. He was purchased on March 6 and was born on January 15. I bought Cisco from a national sheep showman, Gord Blankstein, in Langley, B.C. I chose Cisco for his straight back, stocky, straight legs, wide frame, thick neck and nice muscle tone. Cisco has given me zero problems with gaining weight or training. He has a very unique personality and loves to run around and work. My number one goal with my lamb this year was not to get him to gain as much weight as possible by Show and Sale, but to work muscle and add to his frame weight. This was definitely the best way I have found to produce top-quality lean meat that will please the buyer! Cisco is by far the best lamb I have ever raised, and I am so excited to see how he does at Show and Sale this year. When I purchased Cisco this year he was 64 pounds and already had quite the personality. His end weight is estimated to be around 170-175 pounds. Watching this boy grow has amazed me and I am more than grateful that I had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and characteristic animal as him. I have put countless hours into Cisco and I am very proud of the animal he has grown to be. He is strong and stocky. I would definitely give him a look if you are interested in a premium-quality animal.

Jeremiah Johnston – Lot #98

My name is Jeremiah Johnston. I have a steer named Lucky. To me, he’s the finest steer of the herd. He is a Speckle Park, Black Angus cross with a long body and thick rear end. Lucky was homegrown on my family Ranch. I am really looking forward to this year’s Show and Sale. I hope to meet you there in the Rose Lake Miocene stall.

Lucia Johnston – Lot #99

Howdy folks, my name is Lucia Johnston and this is my market steer Ringo. Ringo has amazing muscling and width through his top line and rear quarter, where some of the best cuts of beef come from on a beef animal, all with the help of his Black Angus. He weighed in at an impressive 805 pounds in March of this year. Ringo and I attended a local cattle show and did exceptionally well for our first show together. I am the current president of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H club as well as a provincial 4-H B.C. Ambassador. I not only have Ringo as a 4-H project but also two female projects; Kitty as my heifer and June and Bug as my cow/calf pair, who were all born and raised on my family’s ranch, Onward Ranch. I look forward to seeing you down at the 4-H Show and Sale, where you can find Ringo and me in the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H club beef stall lot number 99.

Scarlett Johnston – Lot #100

Hello, my name is Scarlett Johnston. This year my market steer’s name is Clyde. He is Black Angus, born and raised on my family ranch and I feel he’ll be perfectly finished when Show and Sale comes. Clyde is super deep, has a long body and comes from a long line of high-quality Angus genetics. I have been to one show so far this year, but I’m super excited to see how I do in Show and Sale. Hope to see you there!

Raylee Simons – Lot #101

Hi, my name is Raylee. I’m seven years old and this is my first year of Cloverbud. I love all the animals!

Jessabelle Trelenberg – Lot #104

Hello 4-H supporters. My name is Jessabelle Trelenberg, I am 15 years old and this is my sixth year in 4-H. I am also the secretary for the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club. This year I am selling a market steer that I have raised, starting with the purchase of his mother as a heifer. I showed him last year as young beef, where he won Reserve Champion Young Beef at Show and Sale, as well as with his dam at B.C. Ag Expo, where they won Grand Champion Open Cow/Calf Pair. He is a Belted Galloway sired by the Australian bull Northfield Donald. Galloway beef is prized for its very high quality, including marbling, taste and health benefits. I can personally say that Galloway beef is the best I have tasted. If you would like more information on my project, look for lot number 104, Mega Stuff Oreo in the Rose Lake Miocene beef stall. We look forward to seeing all our wonderful supporters at the sale!

Austin Van Beers – Lot #105

My name is Austin Van Beers, lot number 105 and this is my seventh year as a member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club. This is my pig, Burrito! He is a Duroc/Yorkshire/Berkshire cross. His chops, bacon and hams are going to be mighty tasty! Thank you for your support!

Heidi Van Beers – Lot #106

Hello, I’m Heidi Van Beers, lot number 106. This is my tenth year with the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club and I have a Black Angus market steer and a Speckle Park cow/calf for my projects. My steer’s name is Goose, and I am really happy with how he is growing. He is very long and deep and I estimate he will weigh around 1300 pounds at Show and Sale. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you there!

Lana Van Beers – Lot #107

Hi, my name is Lana Van Beers, lot number 107. This year for my 4-H project, I raised a Black Angus Steer named Boog. He is wide and has filled out very nicely. Hope to see you at Show and Sale!

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